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21 Google Recommended Websites to Improve Your 2021

Last updated on February 6th, 2021 at 7:02 pm

2020 was a complicated year and Google knows it. That’s why they want to help you Have a better 2021 by recommending 21 websites This can be very useful for starting a new project, meeting up with friends online, better managing your emotions, or learning to configure websites with Javascript.

For this purpose, Google analyzed the most interesting websites that were registered in the past year Use your top-level domains, like “.new” or “.page”. That way, you’ve found great tools to use in your everyday life in order to have a better year. Do you want to meet her let’s go there.

Person using a computer with the Google logo on the front

Google recommends using these websites if you are a programmer or a digital entrepreneur.

Start something new

“New year, new life” is what we usually say when a new year begins. Recommended websites on the Google Developer Blog With this in mind, they are focused on starting new activities and projects that will allow them to take a new course in 2021. They are the following:

  • Collage.new: If you want your life to take on a new meaning in 2021, you can use the BeFunky “Collage Maker” tool Create a board with these goals in mind that you want to achieve yes or yes in order to achieve the change of course.
  • Resume.new: This Google link takes you directly to the Cv2you website Create a new resume with which you can start new adventures in your career. Of course, you can use the templates available on the page to make your resume look nice.
  • Re-adjust: If you’re looking for new teammates, this shortcut can get you to ZipRecruiter in a second publish a job offer and quickly get skilled workers to make your project or business even better in 2021.
  • Site.new: Don’t think twice, it’s time to build the website you need for your business. It’s easy to do with this shortcut that takes you to Google Sites where you can find it professional tools and designs to help you create your own website It’s going to be a much easier task.
  • Shopify.new: Another website that will give your business a boost is Shopify – one of the Most Innovative Companies of 2020 – with a focus on building websites for Stores that want to sell their products online. If you’ve always wanted to market your articles on the internet but haven’t dared, you won’t have any doubts with this Google recommended website.
  • Flatter.new: Another new project that you can start in 2021 is that of the Develop your own application. To do this, Google recommends Flutter, a website that has all the tools you need to build an application for Android, iOS, or the web.
Any Google .new shortcuts that you can use

Discover new apps

It’s always interesting to know that there are new apps that can make your life easier or more fun. If so, Google recommends websites with different apps that can help you have a better year. These are:

  • Puppr.app: Puppr is an app for those users who You have a new pet and they want to start their training. Puppr has lessons, tricks, and even a live chat to answer your training questions.
  • Uhmmm.app: One of the curious apps that Google recommended for 2021 is Uhmmm, which lets you play the typical elevator music The silence in your online meetings is less uncomfortable.
  • Sayana.app: To maintain good mental health in 2021, Google recommends Sayana, an app to help you Discover your feelings and thoughts. With its various functions, this application will give you advice on how to manage your emotions and put you in touch with other users who are in a situation similar to yours.
  • Glitterly.app: With Glitterly you can Create promotional images and videos for your project with a simple but beautiful and careful edition. It offers you tools such as animations, image galleries from platforms such as Giphy, more than 50 templates and saving images in Full HD.
  • Get.reface.app: Fun is guaranteed with Reface, an application where you can upload your selfies Swap your face with famous people and celebrities. All you have to do is upload your selfie, choose the character you want to become and enjoy the end result.
Android apps on the Realme X50 Pro

Google recommends several apps for a better 2021.

Go to next page “

At the Link “.page” Very interesting pages were also developed in 2020. According to Google’s analysis, these are the ones the company would like to recommend to you:

  • Nxt.page: With a simple extension for Google Chrome you can Create quick online meetings with your friends, Relatives or employees. The name is NextPage and this shortcut gives you quick access to it.
  • Funnies.page: Humor is always necessary to have a good day. That’s why Google advises you to use The Funnies. It is a website with a subscription that is used every day sends you 5 comics from “the funniest artists in the world”. What could be nicer than starting the day with a laugh?
  • Website: If you don’t have inspiration developing your website, the website is a great way to explore and immerse yourself in the website latest trends and techniques relating to web design.
  • Volition.page: The new year often involves setting new goals that we don’t always achieve. “This year yes”, we say on January 1st, knowing that the implementation is more than complicated. However, the Volition website is specifically designed for help you keep your goals in mind and that way it’s easier for you to meet them. Write down your resolutions and keep an eye on them to bring you joy when the year is up.
  • Byline.page: One of our favorite websites and applications recommended by Google is Byline, a creative writing platform where you can create stories with other users. It consists of everything Add your phrase and just know what the previous author wrote. Line by line you can develop such a great creative story in Byline.

Make development easier


Google also remembered the developers when they recommended these websites.

The five remaining Google recommended sites are specifically for developers and programmers who find them useful tools to improve your work.

  • Projectjob.dev: Creating a good work team is the key to positive results. With Project Job, you can Find and hire developers which are suitable for your project if you know what work they did before.
  • Htmldom.dev: HTML DOM is a web for learning Configure web pages with JavaScript In a simple and quick way.
  • Nodesing.dev: In this link you will find the necessary tools Complete the development of your projectlike illustrations and templates.
  • Practice.dev: “Practice makes perfect” is more than a true phrase, so it is recommended that any developer use this website. In particular, it is used to Solve real web development related problems with different levels of difficulty, not just for beginners.
  • Daily.dev: It is also important to keep up to date with what is happening in the industry. That’s why Google recommends this website wherever it can Check the latest developer news of technology blogs.

Starting something new, discovering new apps, moving to the next page with humor and creativity, or expanding your knowledge of web development are some of the things you can achieve with the Google recommended sites. have a better 2021.

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