4 Spotify Tricks to Get Even More Out of Your Next Spotify Wrapped

Learn how these four tricks can help you get more out of this year’s Spotify wrapped this 2021.

Last updated on January 13th, 2021 at 6:01 pm

It’s been weeks Spotify gave us the opportunity to remember our 2020 year through music with their special wrapped, but the company already has that in its sights Packaged next year 2021.

So much so that the company he wanted to give us Something Tricks and tips with which you can get even more out of the future Spotify wrapped up that the streaming music platform will bring us as the end of this year approaches, probably with even more new features.

1. Hide the songs that you don’t want to appear in your next Wrapped

One of the most interesting options that Spotify offers us is the possibility of Hide songs our game history.

So in the próximo Wrapped and in the playback statistics those songs that for example We go to sleepor those who hear the little ones in the house.

To do this, easy Activate the “Private session” mode before you start listening to music. In this way, these songs neither appear in our statistics nor do they affect us Spotify recommendations based on our habits.

2. Let your children use their own profile

Regarding the previous point, Spotify suggests preventing this from happening Music that the little ones hear in the house appear in the Wrapped up next december it might be a good idea Use a family plan and let the kids die Spotify Kids appso that their game story is completely isolated from yours.

Spotify Wrapped 2020 cover photo

Spotify Wrapped 2020 shows you the most heard songs and artists of this year.

3. Discover new artists and genres

If you don’t want Spotify Wrapped to be the same as the previous one in the next year, Spotify recommends Use the charts or lists created by both the company and other users. That way you can discover new music that of artists you didn’t know before.

4. Access your Spotify Wrapped all year round

Although Spotify gives us the opportunity to do so Access December’s Year RoundupThe company reminds us that it is possible See our statistics for the whole year.

All you have to do is access the tab search of the application, and from there go to “Explore All”. In this section we have the opportunity to do so Play Spotify Wrapped again in 2020 or access the automatically generated playlists based on our most popular music.

Shehroz Naeem

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