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5 reasons to buy a mobile phone for 1000 euros in 2021 (every time they are less)

Last updated on 01/24/2021 at 10:08 PM

While we are genuinely aware that a $ 100 phone doesn’t do the same as a $ 1,000 phone, Not everyone can afford to spend that much money on a mobile device.

The current price of top-of-the-range phones is prohibitive for most of the users who must look for other cheaper but equally valid alternatives. From 200 euros mobile phones with a more than acceptable price-performance ratio or the new high-end / midrange devices that have recently become so popular such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE The little or nothing must envy the best high ranks on the market.

In order to, What is the point today of spending 1,000 euros on a mobile phone?

Design and building materials

Bottom of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra with S-Pen

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is one of the best on the market

The first reason you can buy such an expensive phone is because of its design and building materials. With a few exceptions, a high-end of such a price has an innovative design and is made from high quality materials like glass or ceramic. So when you hold it in your hand, you will find that it really is We find a smartphone that is different from the others.

According to cons, The cheapest terminals are usually made of plastic, have less innovative designs, and are not as elegant in fact. Because often when we analyze cheap terminals, one of our complaints is always the back panel made of reasonable quality plastic, which is covered in fingerprints every time we hold it in our hands.

Is this reason enough to spend almost 1,000 euros on a terminal? Good for a lot of users, yes.


Is the processor really important when buying a smartphone? It is possible that not, but it is also true that If you want maximum performance in a smartphone, You should choose the best processor available.

Why this 2021 you have to buy a phone with the Snapdragon 888

Today the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, which is already present in some models, is the most powerful processor and in 2021 it will be one of the most popular Thanks to the fact that it is equipped with a powerful Cortex-X1 core that operates at a maximum frequency of 2.84 GHz.

The perfect reason to have a cell phone with the latest generation processor is this Ever more ambitious video games that can be found in mobile app stores. The truth is that titles like Genshin Impact were unthinkable a few years ago, but every time we see games closer to consoles on smartphones. And to be able to enjoy these titles in the best possible way, we need a really powerful processor.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra cameras

The huge quad camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in all its glory.

Another reason for an “expensive” phone is the camera. That no one expects a $ 200 phone to take the same pictures as a $ 1,000 phone because it doesn’t. The more expensive a smartphone is, the easier it is to take photos. For the same reason, when we use our mobile devices for something today, it is important to take many, many snapshots until these devices overtake traditional cameras.

Now we will not deny that there are cheap terminals with excellent photo quality. A clear example is the Google Pixel 4a, a not very expensive device that takes photos of outstanding quality and it is today It’s still a great option for anyone who likes mobile photography.

Support and Updates

Another advantage of having a high-end cell phone is that the brand doesn’t give up on support and updates after a few months. Unfortunately, Android brands still have a long way to go to improve their update policies and that is, while their expensive devices have almost no problem getting the latest updates for the Google operating system, We can’t say the same for its cheaper models.

So if you want an Android phone that is always up to date, with the latest Android versions and all of the security patches, You have no choice but to purchase one of the devices on the market for over 1,000 euros.



Storage space on Android.

Storage at the price of gold. While computer memory is getting cheaper and we can find SSDs with large storage at very competitive prices, it is the other way around with cell phones.

While Gone are the days when smartphones had 8 GB of storageIf you want a device that is at least 256GB or more, you have no choice but to go for the high-end device … unless you choose to contract one of the many cloud storage services, that exist today.

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