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7 Galaxy S21 Details You May Have Overlooked

Do you think you know everything about the Galaxy S21? Here are 7 details you might have overlooked about the new Samsung terminals.

Last updated on January 14th, 2021 at 6:01 pm

The Korean Samsung welcomes the year 2021 with the Introduction of the new generation of the Galaxy S series, formed by Galaxy S21, S21 + S21 Ultra. Three devices focused on the segment of High-end Androidwho want to take over the management of the company catalog in the first half of the year.

Although we all already know Features and details of the Galaxy S21, including their prices, Galaxy S21 hides the strange secret that could have been overlooked. For this reason, we wanted to examine and search for the technical data sheets for the terminals Details that may have been left in the background during the presentation of the terminals.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series, back

The new Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra.

Wi-Fi 6E, only on the Ultra model

Both the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S21 Plus have Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax, which offers improvements in terms of Transfer fees – both upwards and downwards – as well as greater stability in the connection.

With the S21 Ultra, however Samsung goes on by equipping the device with Wi-Fi 6E, an even newer version of the Wi-Fi standard that is being added the 6 GHz bandwith the aim of helping Wi-Fi networks reduce saturation and thus provide a better connection experience.

To be able to use these technologies, it will be necessary to have Router Wi-Fi compatible with them. Otherwise, the Wi-Fi 6 6 6E technologies of the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra cannot be used to their full extent.

An S-Pen that doesn’t need to be charged

He The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first Galaxy S with S-Pen support. And although Samsung indicates it The pen on the previous Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab works fine With this new terminal, the model is that available seperately With the S21 Ultra it is something different from what we are used to.

And the thing is, it’s an S-Pen using that Technology from the specialized company Wacomand lack of bluetooth connectivity eliminate that completely need to charge the pen Unlike the S-Pen of the Galaxy Note20 or Galaxy Tab S7.

Plastic on the back of the cheapest model

Rumors already hinted at it, and it has finally come true: As with the base model of the Note20 series, the The cheapest terminal in the S21 family has a plastic backand not in glass like the rest of his brothers.

According to Samsung, this material becomes a higher resistance to bumps and scratchesIn return, the company was able to reduce the production cost of the device to some extent. Hence, it’s one of the cheapest Galaxy Ss in recent times – if we put models like the Galaxy S20 FE aside.

UWB technology is exclusive to the most expensive models

Another unique feature of Galaxy S21 + and S21 Ultra is ultra wide band technology. This advancement in terms of connectivity enables for example Use the devices to open the car doors without a keyor precisely search for lost and found items, provided they are compatible with this technology.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in two colors.

Ultimately, maximum resolution and smoothness at the same time

For the first time since the integration of Samsung High refresh rate ads The company has added the option to their cell phones Enjoy the highest native resolution of the panel at the same time with the maximum refresh rate that the screen can offer.

We’re talking about the case Galaxy S21 Ultra +as it is the only one of the three models whose screen has a Wide Quad HD + resolution. The rest of the variants are satisfied Full HD + resolution.

The first Galaxy S with less than 400 ppi since 2012

Speaking of its screens, it is worth noting the curious case of Galaxy S21 Plus, a model that makes us travel almost ten years ago by including a 394 pixels per inch display.

And is this the last time that Samsung has launched a Galaxy S series terminal that is intended for the high-end sector a pixel density of less than 400 ppi went with him Galaxy S3.

There will be two different versions of each cell phone

This year There will be no 4G versions of the Galaxy S21At least in Spain. However, this doesn’t mean the company won’t create different editions of their new phones.

Depending on the market, Samsung will sell its terminals as well Support for 5G mmWave and 5G Sub-6GHz networksso that their respective modems and antennas are optimized for functions with one type of network or another.

For the user, this means that the Models with support for sub-6 GHz networks will have one slightly lighter weight in all cases about 2 grams difference.

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