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7 options with free space

Last updated on February 10th, 2021 at 2:06 pm

Google Photos is without a doubt one of the best Google services out there, and that has tough competition. The cloud storage platform for photos and videos is one safe place to keep your multimedia content personally.

Yet, after removing free unlimited space from Google PhotosYou may be looking for an alternative that will allow you to keep storing your pictures in the cloud without paying for them.

This article was born with that in mind, with the intention of recommending you The best alternatives to Google Photos to upload your photos to the cloud for free.

Next, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these 7 platforms. Analyze the information well and choose What is the new home of your photos and videos after Google Photos?

Google Photos alternatives

These are the best alternatives to Google Photos to save photos and videos for free.

The best alternatives to Google Photos

  • Amazon photos
  • telegram
  • MEGA
  • Icedrive
  • pCloud
  • MediaFire
  • Dubox

Amazon photos

Amazon photos

Amazon has its own image storage platform in the cloud.

Amazon couldn’t be less and also offers its users an image storage service in the cloud. It’s called Amazon Photos and it’s cross-platform so you can save and view your photos and videos from different devices.

Like Google Photos, the Amazon service can Save backup automatically So you don’t have to worry about doing it manually.

One of the perks of being an Amazon Prime user is enjoying yourself unlimited storage of your photos on Amazon photos. On the other hand, you can only have 5GB of free space for videos.

Those who have not subscribed to Amazon Prime can also access it 5 GB of free photo and video storage in amazon photos, though, to expand this space, they have to pay for one of the available plans in service:

  • Prime– Users of paid Amazon services get unlimited storage for photos and 5 GB for videos.
  • 100 GB: by 1.99 euros per monthyou can have 100 GB of space in Amazon Photos.
  • 1 TB: by 9.99 euros per monthYou have up to 1TB to store all of your photos and videos.


Telegram for Android

Telegram for Android, one of the most widely used messaging apps.

Telegram is much more than a simple messaging platform. And it is so that the ministry created by the Dúrov brothers also functions as the place of Unlimited cloud storage for your photos, videos and other types of documents.

In order to save all your files in Telegram, you need to use the “Saved Messages” chat, which acts as a kind of conversation with yourself. There you can share all the photos and videos that you don’t want to lose in the future. The size of each file cannot exceed 2 GB.

To access it again, simply Enter “Saved Messages”.It doesn’t matter if you do this from your phone, tablet or computer. In short, in Telegram you can store all your multimedia content without space restrictions and most importantly for free.


At this point in the game, we are almost all familiar with MEGA, a cloud file storage service that it came to be replace Megaupload.

You can also save your photos and videos in MEGA for free. In fact, this platform offers more GB to users who don’t want to pay for storage space.

Especially when you register with MEGA, you have access 50 GB of free cloud storagee to keep all files that you don’t want to lose under any circumstances.

If you want to expand this 50 GB, you can subscribe to it one of the following MEGA payment plans::

  • Plan Lite: by 4.99 euros You have 400 GB of cloud storage per month.
  • Plan Pro I.: by 9.99 euros You get 2 TB of cloud storage per month.
  • Plan Pro II: by 19.99 euros You get 8 TB of cloud storage per month.
  • Plan Pro III: with a Price of 29.99 euros This plan is recommended monthly and for professionals and offers 16 TB of storage.



Though lesser known, you can trust IceDrive to store your files.

Another great alternative to Google Photos for storing your photos and videos is Icedrive, which allows users to register 10 GB of free space on the cloud.

Icedrive also allows you to make backup copies of any content you have on your phone to keep it safe for the future. In addition, this platform ensures a fast file transfer so as not to waste a lot of time using it.

Simple, quick and, above all, safe. These are the three features that stand out in Icedrive, where you can enjoy that 10GB of free space. If you want more, you have to Subscribe to one of their payment plans::

  • Lite: by 1.83 euros per monthYou are accessing 150 GB of storage space.
  • professional: by 4.17 euros You have 1TB per month to store all of your photos and videos.
  • Pro +: This plan goes up to 15 euros per monthand gives you 5TB of storage.



A good alternative to Google Photos is pCloud.

When we talk about services similar to Google Photos, we have to mention pCloud, which we analyzed in depth a while ago.

Like icedrive, pCloud offers 10 GB of free storage space in the cloud to all of your users. In addition, it excels in that it can back up your devices, that it includes a two-step verification, and that it promises quick transfer of files regardless of their weight.

To expand this free 10 GB, pCloud has it two payment plans::

  • Premium 500 GB: by a one-time payment of 480 eurosyou can get 500GB of cloud storage for life.
  • Premium Plus: by a one-time payment of 980 eurosyou can get 2TB of cloud storage for life.

Both plans are unique and can be usually found with discounts important.



MediaFire is one of the most popular storage platforms.

Another option for storing your photos and videos is MediaFire offers 10 GB of free space of files on the network.

On this platform, you can upload multiple files at the same time without bandwidth limitation, organize them as you wish and share them with other people. In addition, it has available these payment plans to have even more space to store your pictures:

  • professional: by $ 3.75 per month (around 3 euros) If you pay a year in advance, you have 1 TB of storage space.
  • Companies: by $ 40 a month If you pay a year in advance, you have 100 TB available for 100 users.



Dubox is the platform that has the most free space in the cloud.

If you need a new home for your photos and videos, you should seriously consider Dubox’s option, which it offers to each of its users 1 TB of free cloud storage.

In this case, Dubox has no payment plans That is the maximum space which users can use to get their files.

We should also mention that Dubox can Save a backup copy of the photos Your devices (not the videos) and that it has a mobile application and web version from which you can access your files.

What will happen to Google Photos from June 2021?

With Google Photos, we were able to save all of our memories in pictures with no space constraints when we did this with the “High Quality” option. However, at the beginning of November 2020 we knew that Google has already considered adding payment plans to Google Photos.

The tragic news was confirmed shortly afterwards when the company announced it Unlimited free storage of photos and videos eliminated. This measure comes into force on June 1, 2021. Until then, you can continue to use this unlimited storage space in the cloud.

There is one detail that you need to consider: Anything you upload before June 1st doesn’t count within the 15 GB of free space that Google Photos will offer as of that date.

Hence, we can summarize that you can only do this in Google Photos Store 15GB of photos and videos when June 2021 arrives. Until then, use all of your memories in pictures and keep them safe as they do not count within this spatial limit.

How much does it cost to have more space in Google Photos?

The only users saved from this negative change are those who have a Google Pixel phone, as Google has confirmed These phones keep free and unlimited storage space on google photos.

The rest of the users who want more space in Google Photos have to Subscribe to one of the following Google One plans::

  • Plan on 100 GB: by 1.99 euros per monthyou can get 100GB cloud storage from google.
  • Plan on 200 GB: by 2.99 euros per monthget 200GB of Google Cloud storage.
  • Plan on 2 TB: by 9.99 euros per monthget 2 TB of Google Cloud storage.
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