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9 viral TikTok challenges at home (2021)

These are the best viral challenges you can get on TikTok in 2021. The funniest challenges this season.

Last updated on January 16, 2021 at 6:26 am

Like any social network, TikTok is full of diverse content that covers all target groups. Even if you like some more than others, there is no doubt that so much of Popularity of this platform It refers to the videos about challenges.

This theme managed to captivate young and old on the platform. Therefore we have a small compilation of the Best fully viral TikTok challenges What will you be able to do do this at home in 2021.

9 TikTok Viral Home Challenges 2021-1

9 viral TikTok challenges at home (2021)

Top TikTok Challenges To Do At Home

Complete the brush challenge

He “#PassTheBrushChallenge“is one of the funniest TikTok challenges you can do that at home. What is it made of now? Very easy. When you receive a makeup brush, the Tiktoker should look very natural. Next up should be the brush Cover the camera for a few moments and when you withdraw it, the person appears with one glamorous look and with incredible makeup.

@ Jamescharles

#passthebrushchallenge Beauty Guru Edition 🎨 Tag your favorite! 💞

♬ Original sound – James Charles

This trend has gone incredibly viral within the platform, bringing together millions of users of different nationalities, ages, and genders who wanted to join this challenge. Would you try

Banana drop challenge

He “#BananaDropChallengeWas one of the most popular phenomena within the platform where both celebrities and users have joined this trend show your best dance moves.


#bananadropchallenge It’s a challenge only on request! !!

♬ Banana (feat. Shaggy) [DJ FLe – Minisiren Remix] – Conkarah

What was the challenge? The idea was to dance a small choreography to the rhythm of the song Banana by the author Conkarah and Shaggy. One of the funniest TikTok challenges to put into practice today.

Tell me you have children without telling me you have children

#TellMeYouHaveKidsWithoutTellingMeYouHaveKids“Is a challenge that has gone viral within the platform lately and has led to it Who are parents to identify with this tendency? and participate as creatively as possible.

The challenge from Gwenna Laithland (@mommacusses) where she posted a video identifying parents within the platform with a comment that read, “Tell me you have kids without telling me you have kids. “

@ Paytonnlaynee

He told me he was going to run to the beach and a few seconds later I see him create this … #fyp #tellmewithouttellingme #Relationship

♬ Original sound – Diana

Currently, the challenge within the platform has gone incredibly viral, even as other situations that users also identify with become one “Tell me you have something without telling me you have something.”.

Board challenge

He “#Board challengeWas one of the more viral challenges that users spent time at home during the 2020 pandemic. This challenge was a miracle at that time as it motivates people to do so do any physical activity at a time when we must all have gained a few pounds.


Would you consider what I failed Duet this with us! @ matt.slays #plankchallange #rebeccazamolo #amfam

♬ #PlankChallenge – (zero)

The challenge is to Assume plank position but with a variant of charging the elbows, palms of the hands and movements with the legs to the rhythm of the song Pretty Girl Remix by singer Maggie Linderman at high speed.

TikTok’s 8 Most Viral Challenges (October 2020)

Although it looks like one pretty simple actionIt requires perseverance, balance, coordination and of course a lot of pleasure. No doubt we’ll see another of these similar viral challenges at TikTok in 2021.

Bralette challenge

This challenge, which recently went viral, has become a trend for women on the platform. He “#BraletteChallengeConsists of using a lace bra that you no longer use and carefully cutting the padding (push-up) into a bralette.

@ ki1ynn

Watch me destroy my bras for the better #NFLPlayoffs #bralettechallenge #bralette


This is one creative and fun way in which the Challenges from TikTok They will help you with the clothes you are not wearing and give them a second chance. Do you dare to try?

Level Up Challenge

He “#LevelUpchallengeComes from the hand of Commercial video start the singer Ciara for her song “Level up”that has become a pop anthem.


IT’S MORPHINE TIME ⚡️ #LevelUpChallenge | What is your favorite color?! | Day 3 friends

♬ Level Up Challenge – Rodney Lee

On that occasion, the song went viral from a challenge where users replicate that energetic choreography of the 32-year-old singer-songwriter and show how they are able to do so “level up” with his steps.

Accept my challenge

Many may not remember it, but they do Decade of the 80s and 90sYou certainly paved the way for a lot of the things we know today, from music to fashion to more.

@ Cielitolindoo

#Duo with @cielitolindoo #takeonmechallenge After a long time, they finally returned to this effect

♬ Take on me – America Toledo

Based on today’s return of these styles on TikTok#TakeOnMeChallenge“What was to interpret the video clip of the popular song from the eighties by A-Ha under the same name through a filter within the application.

Simetría challenge

Do you have any idea how symmetrical your face is? If you don’t already know, you should “#SimetriaChallengeThis is that you record yourself by applying the symmetrical effect filter and removing it to see the difference.

@ fabiola.melo

What’s happening #fyp #viral #simetriachallenge

♬ aesthetic mood –

Without a doubt, it is one of them Tiktok challenges that are so much fun and it’s worth a try. Some have great results and you? Try it!

Perfect Loop Challenge

He “#PerfectLoopChallenge“Consists of using your better skills for recording videos in which you need to create a loop. You will just need Record the video right now and stop it so that it is perfect and gives the illusion of reproducing itself infinitely.

@ Alispagnola

Have fun listening forever. #perfectloop #perfectloopchallenge

♬ Original sound – Ali Spagnola

As you will see there are many TikTok challenges to do at home where you’ll have more fun when you can’t let your creativity run wild. Which of these challenges will you take part in?

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If you don’t want to miss out latest platform newsIt’s time to use TikTok and figure out all the tricks to master it.

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