Amazon Prime Video is launching a special low-cost tariff for mobile phones

Amazon Prime Video follows in the wake of Netflix and introduces a low tariff only for mobile phones.

Last updated on January 14th, 2021 at 1:15 pm

The competition in the movie and series streaming platforms space is very high and we are constantly seeing the most famous players in this field keep adding to their catalog and adding new payment plans to attract more users.

In case of Amazon Prime Video we just learned that a new cheaper payment plan is aimed at users who only view this content on their mobile phone.

Amazon Prime Video is launching a low-cost tariff for mobile phones in India in cooperation with Airtel

Amazon Prime Video launches cheaper plan for mobile devices in India

Together with the operator Airtel, Amazon presents a low-cost Prime Video tariff in India

Just as Netflix was unveiling a cheaper payment plan in India at the time that aimed to display the platform’s contents on a mobile phone, a plan that, as we told you, could soon reach more countries, Amazon is now following the same strategy by he introduces him to a similar payment plan for his Prime Video platform in the same country.

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As Tell us on XDA-Developers To increase the number of active Prime Video users in India, the Jeff Bezos-led company has one Agreement with the operator Airtel start a subscription to this mobile streaming platform with prices starting from Rs 89 per month, Change 1 euro per month.

This new Prime Video subscription for mobile devices is called Prime Video Mobile Edition Depending on the quality of the content and the other services offered by Airtel such as mobile data and calls, there are different modalities with their respective prices.

Thus, the cheapest plan includes access to Prime Video for a single user for 28 days be able to view the content on the phone with SD quality and including 6 GB of data to be able to watch series and movies from the Amazon streaming platform when users are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, for just Rs 89 per month; 1 euro per month.

Airtel offers a second plan for a single user with SD quality but in this case is the duration of the plan 30 days and they also include Unlimited calls and 1.5 GB per day for 299 Indian rupees per month approximately Change 3 euros per month.

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For the most demanding users, Amazon presented two more plans Prime Video Mobile Edition with access to multiple users and allows you to view the content in HD and UHD quality::

  1. The first plan includes access for 30 days to Prime Video Service at a cost of Rs 131 per month, Change 1.50 euros per month.
  2. The second plan, meanwhile, reduces access to Prime Video to 28 days but includes older ones Unlimited calls and 2 GB of data per day at a cost of Indian rupees 349 per month, approximately Change 4 euros per month.

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