Cells in Work Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and more

The comedy series Cells at Work Inspired and adapted from the manga series. Written and illustrated by Akane, Shimizu received a massive response because of its different storyline. The manga originally started its operations from 2015 and is due to its popularity. Later an anime series was announced in January 2018.

If you are an anime freak, you will not miss this Shonen anime. Unlike other anime, this anime series is vastly different and completely based on the human body and ever imagined how our bodies work? How do we protect it? Then you can witness it all with a pinch of comedy.

Cells in Work Season 2 Release Date Announcement

Given its extensive fanbase, it’s clear that the anime is coming back for its second installment. It was officially announced on March 23, 2019, for its renewal. However, we can only expect it to be released in July that will allow for the situation.

As we all know, due to the current state of the pandemic, all ongoing development has come to an end. If the situation is not allowed, it will eventually be delayed.

The background of the series Cells in Work Season 2

The anime revolves around the functioning of the human body in general. It gives us a detailed account of how our system works. It identifies the anthropomorphized cells of a human body. We have two main characters, mainly the red blood cells and the white blood cells.

Once in our school life, we found this term. And we know they play a major role in our body. Moreover, in the anime, they are related to each other. With the help of a channel that will help them fight germs and keep the body healthy.

The Anime Characters

The main cast of the anime plays a major role as it does our body.

  • Red Blood Cell (AE3803) is voiced by Kana Hanazawa and is one of the best known characters. That adds even more humor to the anime. As a newbie, he often forgets his responsibilities, but he concentrates on doing his duty.
  • The White Blood Cell (U-1146), quoted by Tomoaki Maeno, despite his merciless and cruel work, was to kill the bad bacteria. She was really decent and soft-hearted
  • Killer T Cell, it is voiced by Daisuke Ono. A combined murderer who killed his enemies, entering the body with great pride.

All the characters play an important role in making the anime funnier. Moreover, the voices performed by the cast are truly amazing in their own kind.

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