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China’s Xiaomi fans are trolling Huawei in its own app store

Xiaomi fans in China are boycotting Huawei in their own app store by massively downloading Xiaomi’s Mi Store app.

Last updated on January 15, 2021 at 8:11 PM

In the cellular market, there is a lot of competition between different smartphone manufacturers to keep existing customers and attract new customers. All major manufacturers have a legion of fans who tend to defend their manufacturer and criticize their most direct competitors.

This time we visit one Dispute between fans of the Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi and Huawei, where Mi Fans, the most loyal followers of this brand, access the Huawei Application Store Massively download the Xiaomi Mi Store app, the business to buy and leave equipment from this manufacturer funny comments against Huawei in the app ratings.

Xiaomi fans trolled Huawei in their own app store by massively installing the Mi Store app and leaving funny comments against Huawei

Xiaomi fans trolled Huawei in their own app store by massively installing the Mi Store

Xiaomi fans download the Mi Store app in droves from the Huawei App Market, give it very high scores and leave funny comments against Huawei

As they tell us in Gizchina A report has been released stating that the Mi Store application (incorrectly named Xiaomi Mall in this medium due to a translation error) did so Downloaded 48.64 million times in the Huawei App Store and also has one Score of 4.8 out of 5 with votes from 1,800+ users.

In addition to the massive download of this app and the high scores in the Huawei Application Store, Xiaomi fans are leaving the company funny comments in the opinions of the said application Criticize Huawei.

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Some of the comments that we can read in the opinions of the Xiaomi Mi Store app on the Huawei Application Store are the following:

  • “Mr. Yu (referring to Yu Chengdong, the CEO of Huawei), forgives me for temporarily seeking refuge in Xiaomi. After all … the Kirin chip is out of stock. I’ll be back when Kirin comes back.”
  • “Don’t panic, Mr. Yu. Huawei’s flagship is very good. The cell phone is still a soft amount after more than two years, but it is really a bit expensive. The wallet can’t afford it. Even if the wallet can afford it, your Mate40 Pro is sold out. I think resellers are gross. Come on Huawei, I’ll use it later when I have money, I’ll take temporary refuge with Mr. Lei (referring to Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi), Xiaomi is really elegant.
  • “Today I used Douyin and saw the launch of Wed 11. I wanted to check out Mi 11 on the official store, so I tried to open up the Huawei application market and looked for it. The result, surprisingly, was that the Mi Store had been downloaded nearly 50 million times. I have to admire that Huawei’s metrics are really great. Will users who like me have downloaded the Mi Store from the Huawei App Market be blacklisted by Huawei? “
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Obviously, Huawei won’t put any of these users in a “blacklist” However, this trolling can be explained thanks to another report that indicates it Huawei is losing a lot of users As we told you before, due to the veto by the United States, in particular due to the fact that certain applications cannot be used and The vast majority of these users are exactly switching to Xiaomi.

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