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Customizable tempered glass with drawings and phrases is now a reality

This screensaver can be personalized with drawings or phrases that will only appear when the mobile screen is turned off.

Last update on January 27th, 2021 at 10:01 pm

The next Tempered glass screen protector that you put on your cell phone, it could be personalized with a word or phrase Your choice.

At least that’s the intention of the Glassie brand, tasked with creating a new type of customizable mobile screensaversthrough drawings or texts that They can only be viewed when the mobile screen is switched off.

Screensaver with phrase

A personalized screensaver with a phrase.

This is Glassie, the customizable screen protector

As stated in their website, Glassie strives to be that World’s first customizable screen saver.

By and large it is a Tempered glass protection like any other, with additions like a antimicrobial treatment. The main difference lies in the ability to add Designs for the glass itself through a technology that the company calls “Phantom Print” that allows draw on the glass so that the design is only visible when the mobile screen is switched off.

Although the company did not specify What is the technology behind these types of printing? This allows the light from the screen to make them practically invisible. However, they recommend the pattern occupy about a quarter of the screen.

Currently, Glassie only offers Standard layouts created in collaboration with well-known brands and designers, film studios, sports clubs and other popular icons. In the future, however, there are plans to offer customers the option Create your own designs and catch them in your glasses.

Glassie screen protector

Glassie screen protector with design.

Then there is the company offers the opportunity to purchase Packs custom tempered glass for brands, companies or events with their own logos.

If you would like to receive a screen saver from the company, you can reserve it via the official website of the company. For the moment only four different designs and they are only compatible with the latest iPhone models.

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