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Epic camera showdown between 2010 Nokia and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Last updated on January 30th, 2021 at 13:03

We won’t lie. One of the greatest uses we are giving our mobile device is not to make a call but to take pictures and the fact is that smartphones have become the great alternatives to traditional compact cameras today.

The truth is, to get great photos, you have to rely on high-end terminals. One of the best options is the Cupertino company’s iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, What if we pitted the powerful Apple terminal against a 2010 phone? Who would win?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max faces an epic duel against a Nokia 2010

Do you remember Nokia devices from years ago? Nokia has always been one of the most important cellular companies in the world, and although they sadly went with other operating systems rather than Android, their smartphones set a benchmark. especially in his photographic department.

A few months ago, we saw the photographic section of a Nokia 2013 stand up to the almighty Samsung Galaxy Note10 +, one of the best smartphones of 2020. Today we introduced the Nokia N8 and iPhone 12 Pro Max face to face. Who will win?

As usual, is the YouTube channel WillitbeatNokia? the one who makes the full comparison. Remember that like the iPhone 12 Pro, the Nokia N8 has a 12MP main sensor and it does so at the same time There is a difference of 10 years between the two devices.

Cameras iPhone 12

This is the camera system of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Well, the Nokia N8 camera actually seems to keep up that long especially in bright situations although obviously the iPhone wins by a landslide in terms of processing.

This is about praising the good job Nokia has done with its devices Smartphones from 10 years ago always take good pictures is a milestone. Unfortunately, Nokia’s good work has not been rewarded and the fact is that the Finnish brand has so far not been able to break into the smartphone market that you are subscribing to

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