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Google Chrome 88 is now available to everyone. This is the news

Last updated on January 20th, 2021 at 12:04 pm

One of the most widely used web browsers in the world, both on computers and mobile phones, is Google Chrome, which is updated from time to time, adding new features and improving existing ones.

Google has just introduced Chrome version 88 that includes Find tabs and improves password protection that we saved.

Google Chrome 88

Google Chrome 88 includes tab search and improves password protection

Tab search comes with Google Chrome 88

Google has revealed all the news that the new version of its web browser Google Chrome 88 will contain, but

The first big news that comes with Chrome 88 is Find tabs that at the moment only available on ChromebooksThese are laptops that use the Chrome OS desktop operating system developed by Google.

Chrome OS is an operating system that includes the desktop version of Google Chrome with all of its extensions and applications and also has support for la Play Storethat will allow us to install a large part of the applications that we have on our Android phone.

How to download Google Chrome: all versions and always keep it up to date

This search tab is in the top right corner of the Chrome window right next to the Minimize button, We can also activate it by pressing the ** buttons at the same timeControl, Shift and the letter A.*.

When you click this icon, it will appear at the top a search box To write the name of the tab we want to find is shown just below the field All the tabs that we opened at this moment.

This feature is very useful when Chrome normally has a large number of tabs open and we need them Specifically, find one or more tabs.

Google Chrome 88 improves password security

The second big news from Google Chrome 88 is the improved password protection that we have saved in this web browser. This update causes the browser to determine that a password is weak will notify us to change it for a stronger password and therefore safer.

In addition, Chrome 88 makes it much easier to update multiple usernames and passwords at the same time, and we can also access any saved passwords from the application settings in both the desktop version and the iOS version, as it takes a little longer in the Android version for this functionality to be available.

Google Chrome is now much faster and loads instantly on Android

This improvement in password security is very useful as the browser will notify us when a password is not secure enough, which will result in it More security of our data.

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