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Google Meet will be updated with reactions, new monitoring tools, and other improvements

Google Meet wants to continue to be the video calling reference app and is getting all of this news to keep your experience better.

Last updated on February 18, 2021 at 9:44 am

2020 was the year in which Google Meet Thanks to the surge in video calls and the problems that alternatives like Zoom are suffering from, never-before-reached heights in popularity have been reached. Obviously, Google doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to develop Meet the Benchmark video calling tool and for that the company doesn’t stop improving the platform.

After introducing features like noise cancellation, Google has announced now a Range of improvements and new features that will reach the video call service over the weeks.

Google Meet

Meet Google’s video calling app.

Reactions with emojis come to Google Meet

One of the most noticeable new features that Google announced for Meet is the ability to react via emojis. This feature will be available sometime this year and will allow you to choose different emojis, customizable to your skin toneto react during conferences in such a way that other participants are not distracted. In addition, administrators have control over When can reactions be used?.

Google Meet will be updated with reactions, new monitoring tools, and other improvements

Many of the Meet improvements announced are aimed at providing a better experience in the educational setting. In that sense, they point it out Teachers will have a greater number of controls at your disposal as the possibility of End a meeting or class for all attendeesand thereby avoiding that the students can stay in the room after the teacher has left it.

Teachers are also admitted Mute all participants in a class fast. In addition, it will include a feature that aims at that Control when students can reactivate their microphones.

Lots of these tools for teachers They’re not only available in the desktop version of Google Meet. It will also be possible Access the moderation tools via the mobile or tablet version, both iOS and Android. These features include the ability to Share screen Just like a computer.

Google Meet will be updated with reactions, new monitoring tools, and other improvements

Google has also announced that in the coming months will add new settings to the admin console This allows the guidelines regarding to be changed what people can join a school’s calls. In this way it can be decided whether students from other schools can take part in the video calls or, on the contrary, whether these are only available to students from the same school.

And not all students have one stable or high speed internet connectionGoogle continues to work on improving the quality of video calls on bad connections. Therefore, the platform will be updated in the coming months to make it work better Low bandwidth connections. What’s more The app works better on Chromebooks thanks to audio, video and performance improvements.

Another interesting novelty that focuses on the educational setting is the automatic meeting transcriptionthat teachers and educators receive at the end of a meeting. In this way it is possible to share the content of the meeting with users who were unable to attend a class.

For the moment, Google hasn’t given Certain dates for the arrival of all these new features on Google Meet. The company confirms that they will reach all users of the service in the next few months.

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