Happy Valentines Day – Wishes Quotes And Messages

Valentine’s Day in English-speaking countries is celebrated on February 14 and is called Valentine’s Day or St. Valentine’s Day because a very old English belief says it’s the day the birds choose their partners to mate. On that day, boyfriends exchange gifts and usually send cards to loved ones, sometimes anonymous or jocular. These cards are called Valentine cards or simply Valentines.

In the day of love and friendship what else we can do than share these beautiful feelings with our partner, and with the real friends we have in life. You have to enjoy and be aware of the fortune we have to be able to take someone by the hand and say I love you, or melt in a hug with your friends.

For all those who want to know and be happy on this date here, we leave beautiful thoughts for February 14. We hope they are very useful when sharing joys and love with everyone around us. Do not lose joy. Enjoy life. Luck.

Download free Cute Love Texts for free Valentine’s Day:

:: “Reflecting on love is a difficult task. There is no thinker or poet in the world who has not tried. In the background, love is nothing more than that feeling that drives you to give everything for another person. That’s how I feel for you, my life. You are everything, and for you, I would give life. Let’s spend a beautiful February 14th. “

:: “I would like to be the greatest of poets to compose beautiful verses and to rejoice with your ears, your mind and your soul and fill your life with love and joy. I am not love But you know that every day I try to give you all this and more. I love you. May this Valentine’s Day be a beautiful day in which, I promise, I will continue to do everything possible to improve your life. Congratulations”

:: “I needed nothing more than the moment I saw you know: you were the right person, the man of my life, my blue prince, my company, my future, and my happiness. What more can I ask of life but keep you by my side? That’s enough to keep her living quietly. I love you, my love. You are everything I need. Let’s live together a happy Valentine. “

:: “I love you so much, my love, that sometimes I feel that this love is almost crazy.

Fortunately, it’s shared because I know you’re so crazy about me. What a great fortune that two people like us have known and decided to be the happiest lover in the world. Today is the day of love, but for us it is always every day. I love you good valentines Day! “

:: “I would like to live forever on February 14 because not only love but friendship is revitalized, regenerates and is strong. It is good that there is a date like this and that it is global, because the whole world is living a positive day thinking of love and friendship, which makes it a better place. place to live That’s why I love it so much on February 14 because it’s a happy and positive day. Happiness for everyone!:: “I do not want mo “

:: “On this day of love, I do not want more than to be with you all the time and let the moments turn into minutes, hours, etc. until you reach eternity. Because my only wish is to stay with you, love of my life. What a beautiful Valentine’s day we are going to spend. “

I hope that these beautiful thoughts for February 14 make us all reflect and that the beauty of love and friendship prevail for the rest of the year. Good luck, let's be happy.

Very Nice Messages to Dedicate on Valentine’s Day

On February 14th in many countries of the world, Valentine's Day, the day of lovers, the day of love, the day of Love and Friendship are celebrated.
In a commercial way we usually call it the day of love, however, it is not necessary that there is a specific day to celebrate what love is since it is such a beautiful feeling that we should celebrate it every day since it fills us with happiness and happiness.
In the same way, it is a day that is very important to take advantage of and reflect all the love we have for that special person we love so much, that's why beautiful phrases come up to send them for the day of love, because if we do not do it, we do not show really how important those people are to us.
It is a very special day for all couples, boyfriends, husbands who love each other ...., if you want to express that feeling of love towards her or you just send these original phrases or messages of love, by SMS, or by email, those other Internet users like you have sent us to be shared.
Then, we leave you some original phrases of the day of love to download for free. These romantic phrases are ideal for this day because they express deep feelings.

Romantic Messages of Love for Valentine’s Day:

:: Today will be our first Valentine and I cannot be happier. I know that everything will be perfect because we will be together and because when love exists between two people there is nothing that can destroy happiness. Happy Valentine to the two of us, my love.

:: Today I want to give you a bunch of flowers, I want to sweeten your mouth with some chocolates and show you kiss to kiss how much you mean to me. Happy Valentine’s Day, princess today I want it to be an unforgettable day.

:: A kiss on your forehead to show you cause me tenderness, another on your cheek to show you are my friend and one in your mouth to show you how much I like you. Happy Valentine, love, today all I want is to steal your heart.

:: It is not enough for me to give you a thousand flowers or a thousand boxes of chocolates, it is not enough for me to write you a thousand love letters; that is why I have proposed every day of my life to make your heart happy. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love, this is just one of the many days when I want to be with you. Being with me is the best thing that has happened to me…

:: Today more than ever I have decided to celebrate with you all the love that I carry inside, because all this saved feeling is for you and today I take it out so that you see it and feel it more than ever, because today is my day, my life, Today we celebrate the great love we have for each other. Thank you for always being with me both in good times and in bad times. I love you so much, happy day of love!

:: Love is magic … a simple fantasy … it’s like a dream … that I finally found … with you. Happy day my love!

:: If every time I think of you, a star will go out and there will be no star that will shine in the sky. Happy day my love!

:: Today I feel very happy, because more than celebrating the day of love with you, for me every day with you become Valentine, and you get my days to turn pink. All my days, thanks to you, have the smell of flowers. Actually, I do not know how you achieve all this, I only know that you do it with a lot of love and that’s how you fill me with happiness. Having you by my side is the best thing that has happened to me. I love you with madness and passion today and always. Happy day of lovers!

:: One day I heard that they told a story, it was a beautiful love story that is like the one we have, because it is about two people who live love infinitely, for them, there is only happy because it loves the one that leads them to that. Come with me, take a brush and paint together our story of love, a story that lasts forever because our love is worth it. Happy day, my beautiful little princess. Thanks for everything

:: You are for me the wind has told me, you are for me I hear it all the time, you have been and you will be just for me, and I for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

:: I got tired of writing letters and leaving them at your door you never knew who I was, I did not dare to sign… what else you wanted me to do if you asked me for the moon, the moon gave you nothing more for you.

:: In secret, I have to love you, secretly like a coward secretly, every afternoon my soul vibrates, my body burns. I love you the same and you know it .., happy day of lovers!

:: When I fall in love I do not want to lose, my freedom and my way of being if I ever surrender to love and pleasure, it’s just because I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

:: Happy Valentine’s Day my love … You are the best gift of my life. I love you. May our love grow more sweetly day by day, many kisses and hugs?

:: Our love is like the drizzle that falls silently, but overflows the river. Happy Valentine’s Day!

:: My love for you is growing and growing like clouds in the sky circling the world to infinity. Happy day of lovers!

:: Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential for your own happiness.

:: How happy I feel to have a boyfriend like the one I have because you make my life completely complete. Today I can proudly say that many girls envy me for how happy and in love I am because I have a person who makes me feel that and that is you. Thanks for all my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.

:: It is so much what I have learned with you that I can perfectly explain what it is to love, I can even draw it, for that I would only have to draw your face, because that is for me the perfect meaning of loving, to love is to love you, There is no one else for me. Happy day of love my life, and May they are many more!

:: To love is to risk not to be loved. To wait is to risk feeling pain. Trying is risking failure. But you have to take risks. Because the most dangerous thing in this life is not to risk anything.

:: Celebrating this day makes me very happy because I know that the love I feel for you is so great that it no longer enters my chest. I know that I adore you and that this feeling is true and do not end. I love you, my love, I love you forever, and I swear I am the happiest woman. Happy Valentine’s Day.

:: Sweetheart, that happiness finally came Valentine, day in which couples who love each other as much as you and I show all their love. What a beautiful sky, today we will breathe love everywhere in the environment. I love you. Happy Valentines.

:: The importance of Valentine’s Day does not lie in the flowers, in an exquisite dinner or in the gifts you give to the couple. The raison deter of this day is love that can be demonstrated in the simplest way but from the deepest part of the soul, that’s why my heaven wanted to tell you that I love you to infinity and that I wish you to spend a beautiful Valentine’s Day my side.

:: Let’s make a Deal; I’m not going to tell you today that I love you; because it would sound false … I’ll show you with facts for the rest of my life. ..Happy Valentine’s Day!

:: I do not know when I suffer more if you love or want to forget that bitter is to love without being loved and feel tied to the memories of a past.

:: My life is a desert with the wind in your favor; my life is hell because I do not have your love.

:: Today more than ever I remember how Cupid flew my heart and I became crazy for you. I remember it was just any day and we talked about any topic, I looked at your eyes and I felt something different that little by little became a deep love and that is what I feel for you, a love so deep that I do not want it to end. Happy beautiful valentine.

:: Today is a holiday because we pay tribute to love, the one that one day entered our lives to never leave. I love you so much the love that I want to spend my whole life by your side. Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful little princess.

:: We come to love not when we find the perfect person, but when we learn to believe that an imperfect person is totally perfect.

:: My love today is Valentine’s Day, a day in which homage is paid to love, but you know I feel that Valentine for us is always because with the immensity of our love we are celebrating every moment. I love you every day more my life. Happy Valentines.

:: When two people need to see more and more each other and less and less to other people, they are in love

:: Today is the day to celebrate the victory of love that unites us, of that unbreakable love that breaks all the walls and that knows neither time nor distance. A love that forgives and that loves without measure. A love like ours. I love you beautiful. Happy Valentines. You are the love of my life.

:: Today it is Valentine’s Day I do not only want to thank for the love that exists in my life, but also to the life itself for the opportunity to be one more day in this world but above all by your side. I deeply love you. Happy Valentine my love.

:: There is nothing more beautiful than love and to have someone by your side to love and who truly loves you. Love is so wonderful in our lives that it is like a vitamin that revitalizes you and fills you with joy to put effort into life. Happy Valentine’s Day my life.

Valentine's Day only happens once a year so it's better to take advantage of it. We hope that this day your relationship will be strengthened and that with these phrases of Valentine, your girlfriend always remembers this day.
We hope that these original phrases of the day of love to download for free have been of great help. Do not forget to celebrate the day of love or Valentine's Day with a beautiful message for that great love. Come back soon! We will wait for you!

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What is the True Origin of Valentine’s Day?

This February 14 returns to produce the romantic date of the year par excellence. But what is the true origin of Valentine's Day?

In the third century, the Roman emperor Claudius II, known as ‘The Gothic’, forbade soldiers to marry because he considered that they had more strength to fight. However, tradition says that Saint Valentine was a priest who, in defiance of the emperor, secretly married the soldiers.

Although the priest tried not to spread the news, the emperor soon learned what he was doing and decided to end his life. Claudio II ordered that Saint Valentine be beheaded on February 14 and after his execution, many couples began to celebrate this day as a sign of recognition.

Today, Valentine’s Day has become an important date for many couples, although there are also those who hate it. In any case, according to the forecasts of the main companies, Spaniards will increase their spending on flowers and gifts on this Valentine’s Day.

For example, the Spanish Association of Florists (AEFI) hopes that this day will continue the positive trend of recent years, with an increase in sales that figure by 5%, according to sources of the association.


Have you already thought about your Valentine’s gift? 60% of Spaniards will choose to go out to dinner

19% of the people of Madrid would choose to sleep with their pet before with their partner on Valentine’s Day

Madrid spreads the campaign ‘Love does not hurt’ on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, to raise awareness about gender violence

Valentine’s Day: The Best Phrases to Send By WhatsApp

Many couples do not know how to explain their feelings with words on a special day such as Valentine’s Day. Here we propose 30 phrases of Valentine’s Day to send by Whatsapp.

  1. Yesterday I would not change a minute with you for a hundred years of life without you.
  2. We love each other so much that love makes us jealous.
  3. Good love is recognized because we are exactly what we are and let the other be exactly as it is.
  4. Your ease of turning not doing anything into something extremely precious, being, silence, looking at ourselves, the whole. (Defreds)
  5. Love is the only thing that grows when it is shared (Antoine de Saint Exupery)
  6. You wanted to sleep with me and I wanted to sleep alone. (Joaquín Sabina)
  7. It will always be nicer to move if it is your hand on any street in the center. (Defreds)
  8. The heart does not die when it stops beating, the heart dies when the heartbeat does not make sense.
  9. There is always a little madness in love. More also there is always a little reason in the madness. (Friedrich Nietsze)
  10. Death does not stop true love, it can only delay it a little … (Rob Reiner)
  11. (Clint Eastwood)
  12. The drawer of the bedside table full of ibuprofen and books that you read a million times. And the heart there hidden in the background. (Defreds)
  13. Because suddenly someone appears who makes the Fridays prefer movies, caresses, and popcorn to cups heels and hangovers (Deferred)
  14. Because love when it does not die kills. Because loves that kills never dies. (Joaquín Sabina)
  15. He only spent ten minutes with the love of his life, and thousands of hours thinking about him. (Paulo Coelho)
  16. A girlfriend in her second marriage does not wear a veil, because she wants to see what she is carrying. (Helen Rowland)
  17. Do not wake me up, I’m dreaming you.
  18. Science is like love, too much concentration on technique often leads to impotence. (Peter L. Berger)
  19. Love is a serious mental illness. (Plato)
  20. Love is a temporary madness curable through marriage. (Ambrose Bierce)
  21. The secret of bliss in love consists less in being blind than in closing one’s eyes when necessary.
  22. Come to sleep with me. (Simone de Beauvoir)
  23. LOVE: word of two vowels two consonants and two idiots. (Socrates)
  24. Love is the answer, but while you wait, sex poses a few questions (Woody Allen)
  25. I do not know what awaits us, but if you stay, I promise to tell you the end of this story on the last day of my life.
  26. Loving oneself is the beginning of a story of eternal love. (Oscar Wilde)
  27. Love is like Don Quixote, when he regains his judgment he is ready to die (Jacinto Benavente)
  28. My wife and I were happy for 20 years. Then, we met. (Rodney Dangerfield)
  29. A naked woman in the dark has a clarity that illuminates us (Mario Benedetti)
  30. We should not wait to find someone who not only tolerates our little hobbies but also likes them (Ted Mosby)
  31. Only unfinished love can be romantic (Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona)

50 Love Words in English to Speak on Valentine’s Day

This date is, of course, Valentine’s Day; a party celebrated by many people around the world. This is a day in which couples spend time together, exchange gifts and give each other cards with words of love (in English and in many languages).

However, there are also people who do not like Valentine’s Day. Maybe they think the party is too stupid. Or maybe they think it’s very commercial, that is, it’s just about buying and selling things (and it’s true that many buy gifts, sweets, and cards). Some even believe that Valentine’s Day is a party that chocolate factories invented to increase their sales. And, unfortunately, certain people suffered heartbreak on this date and that is why they hate it.

Well, I have good news: if you like Valentine’s Day (or if you just like love ), here you will learn some amazing words that you will hear at this time of year. Use these terms to talk about love and affection.

And, if you do not like Valentine’s Day, I also included some words for you, my friend!

This article is divided into four sections that represent each of the phases of a relationship. Each word has its explanation, along with an example of its use.

But, before we start, it's a good idea to quickly look at some forms of the word "love".
Learn a foreign language with videos

Phase 1: Understanding love

  1. Love – Love (verb, noun)

“Love” is usually a verb, that is, an action that you can perform. English speakers use this term to refer to many things, not just people. For example, the word “love” is used to talk about dogs, friends, music and anything else that causes happiness. It is important to keep this in mind since in many languages (such as Spanish) the word “love” is used only for serious romantic relationships.

Example: I love pizza
(I love pizza).
"Love" can also be a noun that describes the feeling of affection you have for someone.
Example: Love is a mystery
(Love is a mystery).
  1. Lovely – Bonito (adjective)

“Lovely” is a synonym for the words “nice” and “very good”. It is not necessarily a romantic expression but refers to positive things, pleasant or happy.

Example:  We had a lovely time at the beach. The weather was perfect and nobody got a sunburn.
(We had a good time on the beach, the weather was perfect and nobody burned with the sun).
  1. Loving – Amoroso (adjective)

“Loving” is the adjective form of the word “love” and it serves to describe people who give a lot of love, affection, and affection to others.

Example:  My grandmother is a very loving person.
(My grandmother is a very loving person).
  1. Loved – Amado (adjective)

This is a word to talk about a person or thing that receives love.

Example:  My grandmother has 16 grandchildren who spend a lot of time with her. She is very loved.

(My grandmother has 16 grandchildren who spend a lot of time with her, she is very loved).

This word is often combined with "best" or "most":
Example:  Soccer is one of the most-loved sports in the world.
( Soccer is one of the most loved sports in the world).
Now that we cover this phase, let's look at other words that people use when trying to find love.

Phase 2: Search for love

"There is much fish in the sea." - "There is much fish in the sea."

This is a phrase that you can say to someone who seeks to fall in love. Here, the world is compared to the sea, while people are compared to fish. The phrase helps singles feel better, as there are many “fish” they can catch.

Personally, I do not like fish, so the phrase seems silly to me.
In any case, there is something true: if you want to be in a relationship, you have to keep trying. There are many people in the world. Just go out and socialize.
And, on leaving, these are some words about love and Valentine's Day that you can use in your search.
  1. Single – Single (adjective)

It serves to indicate that you do not have any kind of romantic relationship at the moment (you do not have a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend).

Example:  It’s hard to find love in this city-it seems like there are no good single men or women. Everyone is already “taken.”

(It’s hard to find love in this city – it seems that there are no good singles or singles, everyone is already “with someone”).

"Taken" means that a person is already in a romantic relationship.
Example:  Thank you for the invitation to dinner, but I can not go out with you-I have a boyfriend, I'm taken.
(Thanks for the invitation to dinner, but I can not go out with you - I have a boyfriend, I'm with someone).
  1. Unmarried – Unmarried (adjective)

This word is similar to the previous one, although it has some differences. “Unmarried” is a technical term that indicates that you are not married.

You can be in a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend, and still not be married.
Example:  I did not really enjoy the party. Everyone was married and with their spouse, I was left out-I was the only unmarried person there.
(Actually, I did not enjoy the party, everyone was married and with their partners, so I felt left out - I was the only person without getting married there).
  1. Dating – Dating (verb)

The verb “to date” is very common and refers to two people who are in a romantic relationship. This word talks about both casual dating, which only lasted a couple of weeks, and serious relationships of several months or years.

Example:  John and Mary have been dating for two years.
(John and Mary have been dating for two years).
Example:  I'm not dating anyone at the moment. I've been too busy with work to think about love.
(I'm not dating anyone at the moment, I've been too busy with work to think about love).
  1. A player – Don Juan (noun)

The word “player” is usually used in games and sports. For example, “soccer player” means “soccer player”, while “basketball player” means “basketball player”.

However, some consider that love is a game or even a sport, so the word "player" is used in this context.
"Player" serves to talk about those who like to flirt and have many relationships. However, these individuals do not take their partners seriously and just like to play the game of love.
Example:  John was flirting with Mary at the bar. But Mary's friend, Tina, told her that she had heard that John was a player.
(John was flirting with Mary at the bar, but Mary's friend, Tina, told her that she had heard that John was a Don Juan).
  1. To flirt – Flirt (verb)

This is one of the first words you will hear about love. “To Flirt” means “to flirt”; Talk romantically with another person to get them interested in you.

Example:  Dan flirt s with Julia every time he sees her in the office. I'm sure he's interested in dating her.
(Dan flirts with Julia whenever he sees her in the office, I'm sure he is interested in dating her).
  1. To hit on someone – Flirt (verb)

A common synonym of “to flirt” is the prepositional verb “to hit on”. This word refers to a person who flirts a lot and in a slightly aggressive way. This form of flirting is considered aggressive, impolite and rude.

Example:  There is a famous video of a woman walking down the streets of New York. While she was walking, random men constantly hit on her by calling her names, whistling or making comments about her appearance.
(There is a famous video of a woman walking through the streets of New York. While walking, men flirt with her and tell her things, whistle and make comments about her appearance).
  1. To pick up someone – Ligar (verb)

This is a slightly funny phrase that refers to when you get someone else to pay attention to you in a romantic way. In other words, it is when you get someone to give you their phone number and agree to leave with you later.

There are even phrases that are known as ” pick up lines ” that serve to flirt. These prayers are funny and many of them are so silly that the only thing they provoke is laughter.

Example:  Ronald must be the luckiest guy in the world. I tried to pick up Jenny by saying that she was so beautiful that I could not look directly at her. Believe it or not, she actually gave him her phone number!
(Ronald must be the luckiest guy in the world.) He tried to flirt with Jenny by telling her that she was so beautiful that he could not look at her directly, even if you did not believe her, she gave him his phone number!).
  1. To mingle – Socialize (verb)

“To mingle” means to socialize and talk with others, usually about unimportant things (what is known as “small talk”).

This word is generally used at parties and other social events. It can be said that “to mingle” means talking to several people for a short time in order to know and interact with them.

People who like to socialize are called extroverts, while those who do not enjoy doing so are called introverts.

Example:  I've been single for too long, so I think I'm going to Roger's party. Maybe I can meet someone. I'm single and ready to mingle!
(I've been single for a long time, so I think I'll go to Roger's party, maybe I can meet someone, I'm single and ready to socialize!)
  1. To hook up – form a relationship / have sex (verb)

Depending on the context, this phrase has different meanings. Be careful, as some of them are not appropriate for all situations!

“To hook up” means that two people are doing something together. It can be dating, kissing or even having sex.

You may hear this phrase in conversations. However, if you do not know if it is appropriate to use it, it is better that you do not.

Example:  I recently read an article in a magazine about the "hook up culture" at universities. Apparently, a lot of young people are using cell phone apps to find people to hook up with.
(I recently read an article in a magazine about college hookup culture - apparently, many young people use mobile apps to find people to have casual sex).

Phase 3: Fall in love

After you meet someone that interests you romantically, you may want to form a relationship. In that period of time, you will fall in love. And, when that happens, you can use these words and phrases.

  1. A couple – A couple (noun)

“Couple” means pair, that is, a set of two things. It can also be used to talk about small and indeterminate groups. For example, the phrase: “I have only talked to Anna a couple of times” means: “I have talked to Anna only a couple of times”. You probably do not really know how many times you’ve talked to Anna, although it may not have been too much.

"Couple" also talks about two people who are in a romantic relationship.
Example:  I did not know how to get to the bus stop, so I asked for a friendly couple sitting on a bench for directions.
(I did not know how to get to the bus stop, so I asked directions to a friendly couple sitting on a bench).
  1. A date – An appointment (noun)

A date is a romantic activity in which two people do things together. Usually, a date is to go to the movies or go out to dinner.

Keep in mind that many English students confuse this word with other similar terms, such as “meeting” (usually “business”) and “appointment” (“appointment”, such as one with the doctor).

Example:  Alan really liked Deborah, but their first date was a disaster. I have spilled his wine on her, and later she got food poisoning. I do not think there will be a second date.
(Alan liked Deborah very much, but her first date was a disaster, he spilled his wine on top of her and then she got intoxicated with food, I do not think there's going to be a second date).
  1. A blind date – A blind date (noun phrase)

A blind date is when two people go on a date, but do not know each other in advance. This situation occurs when two friends believe that two people make a good couple.

Currently, blind dates are much less common thanks to social networks. After all, you can always search for a person on Facebook before going out with her to see if you like it or not. Even so, blind dates still appear commonly in movies and television shows.

Example:  Betty could not believe that her friends set her up on a blind date with Carl. They had nothing in common, and she discovered that Carl was already married!
(Betty could not believe her friends had arranged a blind date with Carl, they had nothing in common, and she discovered that Carl was already married!).
  1. Love at first sight – Love at first sight (noun phrase)

This is an easy sentence to understand, and it is used when you fall in love with a person the first time you see it.

Example:  The first time Romeo saw Juliet, I knew that she was the girl for him. It was love at first sight.
(The first time Romeo saw Juliet, he knew that she was the girl for him, it was love at first sight).
  1. Puppy love – Young love (noun phrase)

“Puppy” actually means “puppy”, so maybe you think this phrase is weird.

In reality, “puppy love” refers to an intense but superficial love that usually occurs in adolescence. This kind of feeling is strong, but it lasts a short time.

Example:  Many people say that teenagers in love are just experiencing puppy love. But if you ask the teenagers, they'll say that it's real and that their love will last forever.
(Many believe that teenagers in love only experience young love, but if you ask teenagers, they will often say that it is real and that their love will last forever).
  1. Baby – Baby (noun)

Words 18 through 21 are names you can use to refer to your partner. This class of names is known in English as “pet names”, nicknames “or” terms of endearment “.

I will include an example only in word # 18, although it is used for terms 19, 20 and 21.

Of course, there are many more affectionate nicknames (one famous in Costa Rica is “chubby”!), Although these are the most romantic.

"Baby" and "bab" are two extremely common nicknames.
Example: Frank: "Hey, baby, do you know where the car keys are?" (Hey, baby, do you know where the car keys are?).
Helen: "I'm not sure, babe, I think you had them last." (I'm not sure, baby, I think you had them the last time).
  1. Honey – Cariño (noun)

“Honey” means “honey”, that is, the food that bees make. Since it is something sweet, it makes sense to use the word to talk about someone with a sweet personality.

  1. Darling – Sweetheart (noun)

“Darling” serves to talk about something very valuable to you. You can say “darling” or “my darling” to a person you love.

  1. Sweetie – Cariño (noun)

“Sweetie” is the noun form of the adjective “sweet” (sweet), so you can use this term with someone you consider sweet.

  1. Committed – Committed (adjective)

When two people have been together for a long time, you can say that they are engaged. In other words, they are dedicated to each other.

"Committed" is not only used with people. For example, you can also be committed to your job or an activity, such as exercising.
The noun of this word is "commitment" (commitment).
Example:  Many older couples say that the key to staying committed to your partner is to not stress out or worry about unimportant things.
(Many older couples say that the key to staying engaged with your partner is not stressed or worry about unimportant things).
  1. Engaged – Committed (adjective)

When a couple decides to get married, they say they are engaged. This occurs when a person proposes marriage to his partner (see word # 30).

The noun of this word is "engagement" (commitment).
Example:  Did you hear the news? Jack and Diane finally got engaged! They had been dating for about 10 years, and many people were wondering if they would ever get married.
(Did you hear the news?) Jack and Diane are finally engaged! They have been dating for about 10 years and many wondered if they would ever get married.
  1. To swipe – Slide to the right / Give “Like” (verb)

This is a recent term used when talking about dating apps like Tinder. In fact, I had to do a little research on this word, because I had never used it!

In these applications appear photos of people who wish to have appointments. If one of them catches your attention, then put your finger on your phone and slide your photo to the right. That way, you give to understand that person that you think is attractive.

On the other hand, if it does not catch your attention, you can slide your photo to the left. If the other person is also interested in you, the application allows them to contact you.

It may seem complicated, and I'm glad I got married before the arrival of mobile phones!
Example:  Ingrid was using her Tinder app at the bar. All of the guys looked like players, so after she had swiped left about 15 times, she gave up and went home.
(Ingrid was using her Tinder app at the bar.) All the guys looked like don Juanes, so after sliding left 15 times, she gave up and went home).
  1. To ask out – Invite someone to an appointment (verb)

This word is used to invite someone to a romantic date. “To ask out” is usually used on the first dates.

Example:  Greg was nervous to ask Lena out, but finally I got the courage and did it. She said she would be happy to go out with him, and now they've been dating for two months.
(Greg was nervous about inviting Lena out, but in the end, he had the courage and he did. She said she would be happy to date him, and now they have been dating for two months).
  1. To go (out) on a date – Go out on a date (verb)

This phrase is very similar to the following and both serve to describe a situation in which two people do romantic things together. It may be the first appointment or subsequent appointments.

Example:  This weekend is Valentine's Day, so it might not be the best time to go out on a date. I think all of the restaurants will be completely full. Do you just want to stay at home?
(This weekend is Valentine's Day, so maybe it's not the best time to go on a date, I think all the restaurants will be completely full. Do you want to just stay at home?).
  1. To go out – Exit (verb)

Like the previous sentence, it means going out on a romantic date. However, you can also refer to leaving the house to do something fun. If you want to express that you are going out, but not in a romantic way, you can simply add where you are going

(for example: "I'll go out to the cinema" - "I'll go to the movies").
  1. To fall in love – Fall in love (verb)

We mentioned this word quickly a moment ago. When you fall in love, it means that you start to feel love. Sometimes it is a long process, although sometimes it happens in a single moment.

Example:  Romeo and Juliet fell in love immediately the first time they saw each other.
(Romeo and Juliet fell in love immediately the first time they met).
  1. To propose – Ask for the hand / Suggest marriage (verb)

Remember the word # 20, which is quite similar? This word means “suggest”, although in this context it means that a person is proposing marriage to his partner. The question that is asked in this case is: “Will you marry me?” (Would you marry me?).

Example:  Tom proposed to Rebecca while they were walking on the beach. I got her on a knee, she gave him a ring and asked her "will you marry me?".
(Tom proposed to Rebecca while they were walking on the beach.) He knelt, gave her a ring and asked, "Would you marry me?").
  1. To get engaged – Commit (verb)

When the other person accepts the marriage proposal, it is said that the couple is engaged. If you remember the word # 20, this means that the two people promised to marry in the future.

Example:  Pete and Shelly got engaged on the same day that she got a new job-it was a busy day!
(Pete and Shelly got engaged the same day she got a new job - it was a busy day!)
  1. To get married – Marry (verb)

It’s what happens on the day of the wedding. Before marriage, ” fiances ” (promised) is the right word to talk about this couple. And, after the wedding, the word “married” is used.

Example:  They got married in the Caribbean. It was called a "destination wedding," because everyone had to travel to participate in the wedding.
(They got married in the Caribbean, it was called a "destination wedding," because everyone had to travel to participate in the wedding).

Phase 3: Establish

When a couple stays together for a long time, they often get married and start living together. The following words help to talk about this new phase of life.

  1. To settle (for something) – To conform to something (verb)
The verb "settle" is a bit difficult to understand, since it has several meanings.

When you join with the words “for (something)”, it means that you are accepting something that is not as good as you would like. In other words, you are lowering your standards or you are not being as demanding as you should be.

Example:  After John and Sara got married, they wanted to buy a house. They could not afford their dream house, they settled for a cheaper house that was not as beautiful.
(After John and Sara got married, they wanted to buy a house, they could not buy the home of their dreams, so they settled for a house that was not so pretty).
  1. To settle (down) – Establish (verb)
One more way to use the verb "settle".

In this case, when you link it with the word “down”, it means that a person begins to lead a more tranquil and domestic life. The process of establishing oneself consists of finding a couple, getting married, buying a house, having children, etc.

Example:  Veronica was ready to settle down, but Victor said he was not. I said that I wanted to date a few other women to be sure that Veronica was the right one. Veronica decided that she would not settle for a man who was not ready to commit to her, and she broke up with him.
(Veronica was ready to settle down, but Victor said he was not.) He said he wanted to date some women to make sure Veronica was right Veronica decided she was not going to settle for a man who was not ready to commit to her, so it ended).
  1. Wedding – wedding (noun)

If you remember the word # 31, it is the name of the event in which two people get married. The wedding usually includes a ceremony in a church or court, and a celebration (also known as a reception).

Example:  Some people say that if it rains on your wedding day, it's a sign of good luck to come in the future.
(Some say that if it rains on your wedding day, it is a sign of good luck).
  1. Bride – Bride (noun)

As we have already seen, people who are committed, but have not yet married, have a special noun in English: fiances.

However, there are also some special names that are used only on the day of the wedding. “Bride” is the name given to the woman who marries. Before the wedding, it is simply used ” fiancee ” or ” girlfriend ” (girlfriend). After the wedding, the word ” wife ” is used.

  1. Groom – Husband (noun)

This is the male equivalent of “bride”. “Groom” is the name the groom receives on his wedding day. Before that day, ” fiance ” or ” boyfriend ” (boyfriend) is used. After the wedding, the word ” husband ” is used.

  1. Gown – Dress (noun)

Married couples wear special suits for the occasion. These garments have special names.

” Gown ” is a word that refers to an elegant or very special dress. The words “wedding gown” and “wedding dress” mean “wedding dress”.

  1. Tuxedo (noun)

A tuxedo is a special suit that men wear in very elegant situations. Many wear these suits at their weddings, though not all.

If you want to see some examples of tuxedos and elegant suits, be sure to watch the Oscars on February 28!

Example:  We went to a very unusual wedding last weekend. There were no gowns or tuxes. Instead, the bride wore a bikini and the groom wore surf shorts!
(Last weekend we went to a very peculiar wedding, there were no suits or tuxedos, instead, the bride was wearing a bikini and the boyfriend was wearing surf shorts!).
  1. Honeymoon – Honeymoon (noun)

After the wedding, it is very common for the husband to take his wife on a special trip to celebrate the new life together. This trip is known as a honeymoon.

Example:  We were considering having a very fancy, expensive wedding. But instead, we decided to have a small, simple wedding. We had more money to spend on a wonderful honeymoon!
(We consider having a very luxurious and expensive wedding, but instead, we decided to have a small and simple wedding, we had more money to spend on a wonderful honeymoon!).
  1. Spouse – Spouse (noun)

How do you talk about your partner when you are with other people? The words 40 to 42 are the most common options.

"Spouse" is a familiar term for talking about a husband or wife. It can be used with people of any sex, as long as they are married.
  1. Significant other – To be loved (noun phrase)

A term to talk about people who are not married, but who are in relationships.

  1. Partner – Partner (noun)

This word is similar to the previous one, although it can be confusing because it also refers to business partners and members of a group.

Example:  The company had a wonderful Christmas party. Employees were asked to invite their spouses or significant others. If they did not have a partner, they could even invite a friend.
(The company had a wonderful Christmas party, employees were asked to invite their spouses or loved ones, if they did not have a partner, they could invite a friend).
  1. Love handles – Gorditos (noun phrase)

Words 44 to 47 are signs that a person (especially a man) is establishing himself. These are funny terms that you will hear frequently.

When two people get married, they no longer try to impress themselves to go out on dates, so they do not do as much exercise to maintain their physical appearance. At least, that is the theory.

The phrase " love handle " is a tender way of describing the fat that appears on the sides of a person.
  1. Spare tire – Tummy/belly (noun phrase)

This phrase describes the fat that completely covers a person’s abdomen. It’s called that because it looks like a car tire!

  1. Beer belly – Beer belly (noun phrase)

This word basically means the same as the previous one, although it is generally a belly that stands out more. Obviously, the idea is that a man has been drinking too much beer.

  1. Daddy Dad – Daddy’s Body (noun phrase)

This is a relatively new phrase that describes what happens to a man’s body when it is established. “Bod” is an abbreviation of “body” (body), so the term ” dad bod ” describes a man who, in the past, had a good body, but now has no time to exercise because he has children.

Example:  Ryan did not drink much, so he was able to avoid getting a beer belly or a spare tire after he got married. However, after he and his wife had their first child, I have quickly developed a dad since I have not had a long time to exercise.
(Ryan did not drink much, so he could avoid the beer belly and belly after getting married.) However, after he and his wife had their first child, he quickly developed a daddy's body, since he did not have time to do it. exercise.
Well, those are all the words you need to know about love, right?
Not so fast.
Unfortunately, sometimes love does not last forever. As it says at the beginning, there are many people who hate Valentine's Day for one reason or another.
I want this article to be positive and happy, especially because I think Valentine's Day has many beautiful things.
If you agree with me and you feel love, great! I'm glad for you. I hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day and that you and your partner live happily ever after. You can stop reading now.
Have all the lovers left? Well, then this is the "extra" section:

Phase 4: When love ends

If you are tired of love, this section is dedicated especially for you.

Of course, we all want our love stories to have happy endings, but sometimes that does not happen. These are some phrases to talk about those difficult moments.

  1. A broken heart – A broken heart (noun)

It refers to when you feel your heart is not working well because of a bad situation (like the end of a relationship).

This phrase is also used as an adjective (brokenhearted) and a verb (to break someone’s heart).

Example:  Bill was brokenhearted when his girlfriend moved to France, but after a few days of feeling sad, I started to feel better.
(Bill was heartbroken when his girlfriend moved to France, but after a few days of feeling sad, he began to feel better).
  1. To break up with someone – End someone (verb)

This phrase describes the situation in which a couple ends their romantic relationship.

If only one person executes this action, it is said that he or she ended with his partner (she/he broke up with someone). On the other hand, if both agree that it is better to end the relationship, then they are said to have ended (they broke up).

Example:  Tammy said that she and her boyfriend had broken up. But in reality, I think he broke up with her because she was not interested in the relationship.
(Tammy said that she and her boyfriend were over, but actually, I think he ended it because she was not interested in the relationship).
Finally, if you end up with someone and you feel heartbroken, you can use the following expression.
  1. It’s better to have loved and lost than to have loved at all. – It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved.

This sentence is based on a phrase by Lord Alfred Tennyson and means that, although love is difficult, it is still an important part of life. Even if you have problems in love, you can see the positive side: at least you experienced it.

And, with that idea, I wish you a happy and lovely Valentine's Day! Put all your love words into practice in English today.

Ryan Sitzman teaches English and occasionally German in Costa Rica. He is passionate about learning, coffee, travel, languages, writing, photography, books, and movies, although not necessarily in that order.

happy valentine day love

5 Original Plans to Surprise Her on Valentine’s Day

If for some reason you already ran out of ideas about the plans you can carry out with your partner on the Day of Love and Friendship, do not worry, because there are very creative ideas that will surely make you fall in love and thank you as never for your ingenuity. Remember that the important thing is to surprise her and have the detail of planning something because women value it too much.

Here are some ideal original plans that you can carry out these days:

Full Day in Bed

Ideal if the budget is low or if you need something practical at the last minute. How about a full day without getting out of bed? The challenge here will be to get her a good breakfast in bed and prepare a marathon of movies that she loves. Snacks, hugs, and kisses will be the formula for success during that day.

Throw Out of the Parachute

This or other options loaded with adrenaline will be ideal for adventurous couples. Nothing like fulfilling his dream of jumping off the parachute or making a circuit on zip lines. They will have fun like never before and end up feeling more united.

Get Lost in the Woods

There is nothing more romantic than planning a trip to private cabins where only the two of you and the trees are. A great option is the Rodavento Hotel in Valle de Bravo, which offers packages made specifically for couples that include romantic experiences that will make the perfect day of February 14.


A pretext to carry out one of your favorite activities that she will also enjoy. Have breakfast somewhere that you like and then head to a track of this vehicle where you can do competitions and laugh like never before. It is also an excellent plan to do it in a group with another couple.

To Adopt a Dog

If you already live together or if you know that she loves animals and that she longs to have a dog, then there is nothing more emotional than going to adopt one of these little ones together. Their relationship will be strengthened as never before and they will make another living being happy who needs it.

Messages of Love for Valentine’s Day that Will Make you Fall in Love

On February 14, love is celebrated in the world and surely you want to dedicate to your partner the best messages, quotes or love poems to express everything you feel in your heart.

I teach you the best tips so you can learn to be a true poet for the day of lovers.
At the end of the article, you can also find the best love phrases in images to share.

Happy Valentines Day Card

Surely you are thinking about what to do for this date and sometimes it is complicated to make original plans and we fall into the typical things of that day, but do you think that would be wrong?

It is not like this!! The important thing is that you can do something that makes you feel special with your partner, which is what you really should care about.

Surely you think that if you do not do something extremely romantic it’s wrong, but sometimes doing less is better.

What do I mean by doing less is better, you ask? phrases for valentines day 03

Simple this day is to share, be generous, be affectionate that is the idea, not what you can buy but what you can express. Did you understand?

That's why this day of lovers strive to make feel the love that is in your heart and know how pure and deep is your love that makes your days are different and full of joy.

Share that love in your partner and be happier every day without getting carried away by the material things that at the end of our lives are not what we will be or what they will remember us.

I hope you have understood the message that I want to pass today, because I want and I would like you to be happy, not only on that day but in the rest of your days with the person you chose.

Happy Valentine's Day for you.

Valentine Messages for Girlfriend & Boyfriend

When special dates arrive and more if it is something related to your boyfriend or girlfriend you like that the things you plan are perfect, and prepare a good dedication has its secrets.

Today in just three steps I teach you to organize yourself so that you can show off on this Valentine’s Day.

1- You have to select a beautiful card that identifies with the personality of your partner or what you want to say.
2- You choose the loving phrase you want to write or write it yourself (the best words leave your heart)
3- Finally and most importantly choose the most romantic way to deliver it so that everything on that day is ideal and pure love.

Happy Valentines Day Love Messages or Dedications

You already wrote your dedication and you are ready to send your card to your lover or in love but you do not know how to do it, I describe some original alternatives with which you can love a bit more to your better half.

Are you ready to take note?

The idea is not to fall into what everyone does, in my experience it is always better to surprise so that what comes to them is more surprising and effective that is what we all want and for that, we have to make an effort.

When I say to you to make an effort, I mean that you do not simply send by mail or social networks the cards or postcards but you look for an original idea to do it.

I’ll leave you some of the crazy ideas that I was using when sending love cards to my partner.

I remember one year that I received during the day love phrases that came with different objects to my house.

First, on the morning of February 14, I received a beautiful message with breakfast for me, that was pleasantly surprising.phrases-beautiful-of-San-Valentin-for-facebook

It is something that can make you feel very special because they are thinking of you from very early on.

Arriving in the afternoon, they sent me an oversized stuffed animal, I thought I would have to make a room for him alone, he was accompanied by a beautiful card with a lovely love poem.

And about the afternoon I arrived at my home an invitation to dine on a card with a beautiful message of Valentine accompanied by a red rose.

I sincerely thought it was one of the most beautiful gestures I received for these dates, and if you want someone special for you to feel great and loved I advise you to use this way of honoring love.

-Send arrangements of balloons with hearts next to your card, they are prettier than flowers.

-If you like surprises, you can hire someone to take you to a specific place and there you wait with a beautiful bouquet of roses and your poem that you can say yourself.

I assure you that it will fall at your feet.

Try that what you decide to do is simple so that you feel comfortable with the choice that is very important.

Do not forget that the two have to be comfortable and happy with the surprise.

Original phrases of lovers with images for Valentine's Day



Valentine’s Day Friendship Quotes

In this special day, I would love to tell you everything I feel for you but there are no words to describe the immense love that I feel in my heart.

I hope that together we form a beautiful family that is happy forever. I love you with all my life.

I’m in love with your intelligence, with your way of being, with the way you treat me. I hope you never change that time keeps our love forever.

May life be good to us and may our love be eternal. Happy Valentine's Day, my love!

The time just showed me that every day I can be more in love and I just want to tell you today that I love you and will love you forever and I want to make you happy all your life.

And together we can be a happy family with a lot of joy. Happy day baby!!

Today February 14 is my favorite day because I have the perfect excuse to pamper you all day, and I want to start with this card that I chose especially for you, and tell you in it all that I love you.

Our love is so pure, true that I manage to put an end to all the obstacles that were put to us and today I can attest to everything we did to be together.

Happy day of love for your dear friend and my love.

Love is a short word that says a lot and means more than anything in the world. I love you.phrases for valentines day 02

There are really many words that you can use but the ones that matter the most are the ones that you have in your heart and you want to share them with your love.

But if it’s helpful, I’ll give you the ones I wrote for you, and you can copy them to your card for this special day.

Choose the one you like the most and add the most beautiful or funny postcard according to what you want to give.

Short Valentines Day Poems

You’re in love? Do you want to dedicate beautiful messages of love?

I'll help you with some love phrases and poems so you can make them your own and surprise your boyfriend this special day.

Take note of the one you like best to send to your love in this day of pure love.

 Fate united us in this life and today I give thanks for all we have and put together.

I love you and I wish that all our dreams are fulfilled and above all that we can always be together.

Happiness has your name in my heart. I love you

The dream of my life was to find love and in you, I fulfilled all my dreams

When I look at the sky and see the stars, the only thing I think about is you. I miss you

I want to be your life partner forever and that we are together for life.

What do you think about love? Before I met you I did not believe in him, today I can tell you that I live for him.

You are the love of my life and I can only live happy if you are by my side.

You are my pillar, you are my everything, thank you for making me feel that I am unique in your life.

7 Romantic Dating Ideas For Valentine’s Day

We are already entering the month of love and many brides and grooms will be thinking about how to celebrate this day in a special way to feel the most beautiful bride. I am sure that the resolute man who will take advantage of the date to ask for marriage to his beloved will also be missing and will be looking for the right place and situation to obtain a yes. Just this year some boyfriends have gone ahead and have decided to be safe before getting married on February 14, 2021, since it falls on Saturday !, that will be Valentine’s gift for the lucky couple of 2021.On this occasion, I want to give you some fantastic ideas to celebrate this day as a couple and stay in love like the first day. Surprise your soulmate trying to make this an unforgettable celebration. The idea is to leave the “expected” because in many cases the outlook is to go out to dinner to an elegant place, where you go perfectly make-up and combed to spend an evening together with other couples.

The proposal is to be more imaginative and to bet on a really “by two” date, where they do not feel limited and can be more spontaneous. Doing things that you have never done together, gives them a touch of complicity, which will undoubtedly help strengthen the relationship being the most special. I invite you then to try the following ideas:

1. Look At the Stars Together

If you think it sounds very simple, it is really because you have never done it! It is enough to choose a place removed from the city and if you are on holiday you will find the ideal place, our country is privileged in its skies and the amount of shooting stars that you can see observing infinity; so take some blankets, a bottle of good wine and enjoy the show!

2. Repeat the First Appointment

Reliving the memories and returning to the places where the relationship began is an excellent opportunity to remember together how each one lived that moment and how the relationship has evolved after that. If you have a good memory you can repeat your dialogues and laugh a lot about yourself.

3. Have a Picnic Outdoors

Prepare something simple but rich, accompanied by cheeses, wine, (it is inevitable), chocolates and good music. Choose a nice place ideally outside the city, where you can hear the silence and their smiles. If you are more adventurous, you can go camping, taking advantage of these summer days, nature is the best company these days and invites you to enjoy every moment.

4. Escape To the Rocks and Connect With the Sea

If they are a more marine couple they can escape to some beach and look for in the rocks some large rock where they can both sit and watch the waves of the sea, to converse with that background sound is priceless, the hug is inevitable and more than one wave reaches them and he has to run away. Do not expose yourself too much, it’s not about risking too much, but about enjoying yourself in order to fall in love more as a couple and to value the simple things in life.

5. Give Yourself a Photo Shoot

This is a date with added because they can combine a getaway to a nice site with a photo shoot in which love will be captured. It is not the same to take selfies together since a photo session will always be more spontaneous and romantic. They will have nice memories together, they will be able to buy a nice frame to put in the office and thus remember each day of how in love they are.

6. To Be in Another City OR Country

All couples usually travel together and enjoy the trip, but the invitation is to do it in a different way, that is, each one to buy their own ticket to the same destination but at different times, travel each one independently but meet at the airport or bus station. bus or train gives an adventurous touch that you will enjoy too. You can prepare surprises or play roles, imagination can do everything.

7. Fly in a Hot Air Balloon

I’m not crazy !, I saw that there is already a company that provides this service in the Colchagua Valley; that they both have to be in agreement and wanting to live together and face the adventure , the idea is that it is a daring but romantic experience at the same time, that it is the first of their lives and that it does not become a horror movie. The views of the vineyards must be wonderful and surely invite you to float together in the heavens of love.

Once the invitation has been made, I tell you that whether you are flying in a basket or enjoying some vituperation in nature, the celebration of love is every day with respect, understanding, and trust.

Happy Valentine’s Day Celebration

It does not matter if you’re single or have a partner if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day (or love and friendship), Houston has something for you. From special menus in the best restaurants in the city to bayou cruises and concerts, the options can tempt even those who prefer not to leave for the occasion.

Happy Valentine’s Day For Couples

Invite your soulmate to The Little Dipper bar for a Four Roses bourbon tasting and delicious chocolates from the Cacao & Cardamom store. Perfect for before or after dinner, we are sure that your love will enjoy this delicious event.

Enjoy chocolate and champagne aboard the Spirit of the Bayou pontoon boat from Buffalo Bayou Partnership. This romantic cruise on February 14 offers great views of the city center. The Cupid Cruises depart from Allen’s Landing at 6 pm and 7:30 pm

For a unique and not very expensive appointment, visit Hermann Park on Valentine’s Day. The evening begins with a dinner at Pinewood Cafe at sunset and ends with a boat cruise on the lake. Make sure you book in advance.

Happy Valentine Messages for Lovers

That can be said to those who fell in love, only that they enjoy that stage of life that is unique and that they express it every day, that they do not repress the feelings that demonstrate them on a daily basis.

What is the best way to do it, you ask? Quotes-for-the-day-of-the-lovers-5

I wrote what you feel in a message, on a paper, on a cell phone, send it daily.

Demonstrate what is causing you that person with whom you wake up every morning.

I am going to add you to this space that speaks of love, some messages that can be a guide for you to write your own.

Do you dare to leave a beautiful message of love every day?

When I wake up every morning by your side and I look at you, I feel that all my love is reborn daily.
I await your calls, your messages that bring me closer to you when you are far away.
My life is all day better because you are always by my side in good times and bad.
You taught me that to love is not only to say it but also to demonstrate it always.
If there is something that I have to thank, it is that you are by my side and that you love me as much or more than I love you.
I want to tell you that you are the most important person in my life and I want life to always keep us together.

I hope that some of the messages I wrote will be useful for you and you can dedicate them to your partner on Valentine’s Day or when you want to send them.

If you liked or liked each of the phrases or messages of love for Valentine’s Day or help us share this topic on social networks by clicking on facebook, twitter google plus or Pinterest with all your friends.

Love images for February 14 with phrases
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