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Here’s how to download Signal for Android and keep it updated

Do you want to change WhatsApp or Telegram? Then install Signal on your Android.

Last updated on January 16, 2021 at 10:01 am

While not that popular, Signal is an instant messaging application that WhatsApp or Telegram can take over. In addition, it is an open source tool, the code of which is on GitHub (both Android and iOS and desktop). For the same reason we will explain today how to download and keep up-to-date Signal for Android.

When you’ve searched an alternative to your usual messaging applicationThen you are in the right place. After you’ve installed Signal on your phone, you can use this tool to communicate with your employees immediately.

Signal Android
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How to download Signal on Android

Today, millions of people use Signal every day to communicate from anywhere in the world without spending a dime. Signal enables you to receive Hi-fi news, video calls, and exploration of ever-evolving features to make it easy for you to connect. It’s also worth noting that Signal’s advanced technology is dedicated to protecting your privacy, so you can share the moments that matter to you with those who matter to you without worry.

The signal is free and can be accessed via Google Play or by downloading the APK. Regardless of how you choose to install this tool on your phone, you can be sure that it will be a simple process.

Download from Google Play

signal google play

Download Signal from Google Play

If you want to download Signal on Google Play, then Press the key below these lines.

Download Signal APK

If you don’t want to get the app from Google Play and just want to Install the Signal APK on your phoneThen download it using the button below.

Did you realize it? Downloading Signal is easyno matter which route you choose. Install it if you want to take over Telegram or WhatsApp!

How to update Signal to the latest version

It’s also a breeze to make sure the version of Signal you have on your Android is the most current. You can do this automatically or manually. It all depends on your settings.


Set automatic signal updates and your other applications.

Update Play Store automatically

Update apps automatically using the Play Store

  • Opens Google Play Store.
  • Choose the settings.
  • Touch Update apps automatically.
  • Choose an option: Automatically update apps on each network Ö Update apps automatically only via WiFi.


Check the official website for the latest version of the application of signal or go directly to the Signal page in the Play Store for your Android. If a new version is available, you will be presented with the option to update. Select Update and open Signal.

It is finished! You need to do this in order to properly update the signal application on your device.

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Would you like to learn more about this tool? Then read this article that compares Signal to WhatsApp and iMessage for data collection. You can also check out this other article that shows how Signal makes money. Discover everything about this instant messaging application!

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