How to Say Happy Birthday in Korean

How to Say Happy Birthday in Korean [Video Guide]

Birthday is a special day for everyone, so if you want to know how to say happy birthday in Korean then on this page you can learn about it. This will be the most special day in every man and women’s life. Everyone has a wish to have more and more birthdays in their entire life and surely everyone also has a wish to celebrate it with great spirit. So you must member to mark your calendar. It also goes for Koreans too. So if you live in Korea or you want to wish birthday to your friend who lives in Korea but you don’t know who wish them in their language, then you have landed on the right page.

As the same as the whole world have great awaits for birthday the Koreans also wait for the birthday and they also have a culture to make the birthday special. They celebrate their birthday as they are celebrating it for the first time, so you can understand the importance of the Happy Birthday in Korean. In English culture, we say happy birthday to each other on the birthday but How to Say happy birthday in Korean is also very important in Korean culture.

Happy Birthday in Korean

On this page, we will explain to you the different expressions about the birthdays. But first, we will explain how you can ask when someone’s birthday is and how you will say that our birthday is, and then we will wrap up to you by explaining to you how to say happy birthday in Korean.

  • Birthday In Korean:

The Korean word use for the Birthday is 생일. This word is a standard word use for the birthday in Korean. You may already know that much of the Korean Language is based on the Chinese character and the word “생일” also has its roots in the Chinese language. Basically, it is a combination of two words where the word 생 (seng) means “birth” and the word 일 (il) means day, so the meaning of 생일 if birthday. There is also a more respectful term for the word 생일 and this is 생신.

  • 생신 (sengshin)

생신 is a respectful word and the usage of this word is depends upon our age and the position in society.
For example, You can use 생일 to wish birthday to your age fellow or to your friends but when you want to wish birthday to some old peoples like your grandfather, grandmother or the older relatives. We will give you the various formal levels to pronounce it below in the 한글 (Hangeul), the Korean alphabet, with romanization. if you are weak in Korean then it will surely help you to boost your Korean language skills. if you have not tried this yet so try it now because it is very simple and interesting to give a try to it.

Watch A Video And Learn How To Say Happy Birthday In Korean

Happy Birthday In Korean Formal

  • 생신을 축하드립니다! (saengsineul chukadeurimnida)

You can use this line when you want to say “Happy Birthday” to the peoples which are too old than you. It uses the formal word for birthday. 축하하다 (chukahada), is a verb which means “to celebrate” or “to congratulate”. It’s combined with the verb 드리다 (deurida), which is the formal version of “to give”. When you use this formal version of this you can say happy birthday to the person which has a birthday and it adds the respect factor and show how respectful is the person for you. This is a special word to wish a happy birthday to older persons than you, you might use it for your grandparents and professor of your university. You can also use the less version of happy birthday if someone is younger than you.

Happy Birthday In Korean informal

  • 생일 축하해! (saengil chukahae)

It can be used when you want to say Happy Birthday to the person who is very close to you and of a similar age. It is very near and similar to the word 생일 축하해요 (saengnil chukahaeyo), except the last ‘요 (yo)’ is left at the end. When you are going to wish birthday to your friend of a similar age you usually don’t worry about the formalities so you can say happy birthday by using the word given above.

How to Say Happy Birthday In Korean

Now let’s look at how we can say ‘happy birthday’ in Korean. The basic word that means ‘happy birthday’ is 생일 축하하다.

  • 생일 축하하다 (sengil chuka-hada)

On Birthday:

  • On the birthday friends and co-workers usually buy a cake for a friend who has a birthday and then they cut the cake and then the cake will be eaten as a group.
  • In Korea, while buying a cake you will be often asked about how many candles 양초 (yangcho) you need. These candles which we bought from along with the cake, along with some matches, will be placed inside the cake’s box.
  • People often eat seaweed soup 미역국 (miyeokguk) on their birthday because this is a food that mothers usually eat while pregnancy in Korea.

How to Sing Happy Birthday In Korea

They will say Happy birthday as we say in the English it is very easy to learn you can have look on:

♩ ♪ ♫

생일 축하합니다 

생일 축하합니다 

사랑하는 (insert name) 씨

생일 축하합니다


saengil chukahamnida

saengil chukahamnida

saranghaneun (insert name) ssi

saengil chukahamnida

We hope that now you have learned about how to say happy birthday in Korean. it is very simple and hope you enjoy the learning process. Just try it with your friends and family as we have given both a formal and informal way to wish a happy birthday in Korean. So now when you will meet the Korean person who has a birthday you can now say him or her a happy birthday in the Korean Language.

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