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In less than a month, the Samsung Galaxy S21 has already cut prices by 22%

It usually happens every year, although the funny thing is that it happens exactly every year before … The new and brand new Samsung Galaxy S21 is already being seen with discounts of up to 22%!

Last updated on 02/18/2021 at 10:02 PM

When Samsung unveiled its new and brand new Galaxy S21 to society, many of us noticed a significant drop in prices in the finest range from the South Korean giant, which began for the first time in years, and that too explained by the charger crash and Samsung’s experience with Fan Edition, Smartphones that are tailored to a heavy demand from their customers and that need it Offer more for less to compete with Chinese manufacturers.

Definitely everyone who wants a Samsung flagship and doesn’t feel attacked by the fear of one early bird, You know that A couple of months of waiting usually results in significant discounts and much more attractive prices, something that happened to the Galaxy S21 according to the information from earlier than ever SamMobile and the catalogs of the main Retailers From the market.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, color negro

The back of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in its magnetic “Phantom Black”.

Not for nothing, is that so? Less than a month has passed since it started of the Galaxy S21 in its three flavors – we are still testing the model’s S-Pen ourselves Ultra– and the internet is already warning significant discounts of up to 22% on the Japanese chain Rakutenor at least in the Rakuten France division.

And yes it’s friends, maybe the worst Gap that Samsung and other manufacturers have to fill with Apple is exactly that enormous and very quick write-off of the best smartphones on the Android platform, which is increasing especially with the most powerful models.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra after a month: Samsung’s best in years

If you like the Samsung Galaxy S21 and you weren’t among the fearful early risers of the pre-sale, we have good news for you in the form of significant discounts … and that they haven’t been in stores for 20 days!

Obviously This 22% discount applies to Rakuten France and it is only accessible if you buy the terminals there, but in this case the discount is available in all three models Above all, the simplest Galaxy S21 even makes the Galaxy S20 FE an attractive competitor and brings the best of the Samsung Galaxy into every pocket in 2021.

In addition, Rakuten itself offers a different one Voucher “RAKUTEN7” with which you can save 7 euros In addition, there are offers that are and will be cumulative available until March 2nd the winter sales campaign for the Retailers Japanese.

In any case, it’s not the only online store or market that already does this compensates for the lack of gifts that were included in the pre-sale of the Galaxy S21As you will see, there is a sense of high prices in Spain too, and as you will see Available in stores like Amazon with hefty discounts up to 19% depending on the model and / or color … Don’t miss it!

In less than a month, the Samsung Galaxy S21 has already cut prices by 22%

And in Spain … there are discounts of up to 19% too!

You’re right, Not only in Japan there are already noticeable discounts Take a stroll around Amazon Spain to see the price of the Galaxy S21 in its three flavors as there are no pre-sale gifts now Discounts between 4% and 19% depending on the model and the chosen colors.

Right here we leave you the purchase links for each Galaxy S21 In case you’re interested in the best Samsung has done in the wireless industry for years:

The 7 best tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S21
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