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Is Motorola and Xiaomi wireless remote charging safe?

Last updated on February 7th, 2021 at 7:01 PM

They were among the most talked about news items earlier this year: First Xiaomi and later Motorolaannounced their new ones wireless remote charging technologiesSo we can take a look at the future of mobile telephony.

Much has been said about these two new charging systems and we still have a lot to do Doubts about its functioning. However, one of the most frequently asked questions in this regard is How secure is this technology really?. And although no company wanted it get wet In this regard, we can extract certain information from Xiaomi and Motorola technical documentation.

Xiaomi remote charging

A Xiaomi phone that charges remotely.

Motorola relies on the Qi standard, while Xiaomi is developing its own technology

Although similar, the technologies introduced by Xiaomi and Motorola a few days ago have important architectural differences. In the case of Xiaomi, it is a ** proprietary technology based on a matrix of phase interference antennas built into the charging base, which make it possible to detect the devices being charged and send millimeter waves charged with electricity to them. These in turn receive energy from another set of antennas, which are responsible for detecting and sending it to the battery.

Instead, the solution developed by Lenovo and Motorola is slightly different. And Chinese companies rely on one Technology derived from the Qi standard –The device used by virtually all wireless charging cell phones today– which allows devices to be charged with a charger Maximum distance between 80 centimeters and 1 meter. In the case of Xiaomi, the distance is extended to several meters – How many were not specified -.

Despite the differences in the technologies used, both Xiaomi and Motorola a 5 W maximum charging power. This force is nowhere near capable cause harm to a living being, let alone a person.

Why 5G is 100% safe

In addition, neither technology appears to be affected physical obstacles that could be between the charging station and the device – both Xiaomi and Motorola confirm that the charging speed will not be affected – the Chief Executive from Lenovo in China made a statement to clarify this as a special safety measure if it is determined that it is a hand or another part of the body Crosses between the signal and the device being charged, The charging process is stopped.

Both companies made sure of that Your systems are completely secure. And while no technical details were offered on this, in reality there is no reason to believe that this technology could be harmful in the medium or long term. In addition, it should not be forgotten that these systems are still in one today phase of developmentand once the moment of its implantation arrives in devices available to consumers, both must pass the certifications of the relevant supervisory authorities.

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