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Moto g9 Play versus Moto g8 Power Lite, which of the two is better mobile?

Last updated on February 4th, 2021 at 8:30 p.m.

son two of the cheapest cell phones available in the Motorola catalog for 2021. Still there are two terminals very different.

The Moto G9 Play and Moto G8 Power Lite They’re part of the companion’s entry-level range and have become two of the company’s most popular devices in the past few months. But, Which of the two is the better option? Today we want to thoroughly examine their main differences in a comparison in which we examine their properties in depth.

Play Moto G9 against Moto G8 Power Lite

The Moto G9 Play and the Moto G8 Power Lite.

Design and screen: plastic and notch

It is not easy to find clear differences in terms of aesthetics between these two models.

In both cases we have a plastic body with a 200 grams weight and 16 centimeters high, the front of which is occupied by the Same 6.5 inch Max Vision LCD screen with HD resolution and “notch” in the form of a drop from above.

The main change we find is in the back since Photo module these two devices is radically different. The Moto g9 Play has one square module centered on the top while the Moto g8 Power Lite one vertical camera system is in the upper left corner.

Another feature that both models share is that Fingerprint readeras it is located in the Motorola logo located on the back of the phone.

Moto G9 play cameras

The Moto G9 play games with a square camera.

Cameras: more megapixels for the “Play” model

Not only the aesthetics of the cameras are different: the Camera system of these two terminals is also very different.

The Moto g9 Play integrates a 48 megapixel main camera Resolution with f / 1.7. Right next to it a 2 megapixel macro cameraand a depth sensor with the same resolution. The front is led by one 8 megapixel sensor.

We also find Power Lite in the Moto g8 three sensors on the backwith two complementary 2 megapixels. However, the main sensor has 16 megapixel resolution. On the front we find the same 8-megapixel camera again.

Battery and power: two animals with 5,000 mAh

With a Battery capacity of 5,000 mAh in both casesWe are talking about two devices with one spectacular autonomyand undoubtedly great references in its segment.

But things change when we talk about it performance. The model with the last name play count with one more powerful processorThis provides more consistent performance in most situations.

It is clear that we are not talking about it the most powerful cell phones that Motorola offers in its catalog – that is also not its aim – but regardless of the differences in performance, the two terminals offer a good performance.

Moto G9 game design

The design of the Moto G9 Play.

Processor and memory: Qualcomm vs MediaTek

As I said in the previous point The Moto G9 Play has a more powerful processor than that of the Moto g8 series model.

It’s about Snapdragon 662, a processor geared towards the mid-rangethat exceeds MediaTek Helio P35 of the Moto g8 Power Lite when it comes to tough tasks. Especially the ones they throw the GPU, as the Snapdragon chip’s Adreno 610 graphics stand out compared to the MediaTek processor’s PowerVR GPU.

Incidentally, we have in both cases 4 GB RAM and 64 GB memory configurationswhich can be expanded up to 256 GB using microSD.

Connectivity: NFC only for one of the models

If you want to pay with your cell phone, you’d better choose that Play moto g9. For some reason, Motorola chose to leave without it NFC for the Moto g8 series model, so it is not compatible with services such as Google Play.

And the truth is that this is it only big difference that we can find between both models in terms of connectivity. Both have 4G, Bluetooth –5.0 for the g9 Play and 4.2 for the g8 Power Lite– as well as dual-band WLAN. The normal in the terminals of this price.

Other properties

One very important difference between these two phones is in terms of theirs Software support. And that is the two terminals have Android 10, only one of them insured the update to Android 11.

Of course it is Play moto g9This is part of the list of Motorola phones getting Android 11. The Moto g8 Power Lite, on the other hand, was born with Android 9 and will most likely die with Android 11.

Moto G8 Power Lite

The Moto G8 Power Lite is one of the cheapest phones from Motorola.

Moto g9 Play versus Moto g8 Power Lite, which one is better mobile?

Both the Moto g9 Play and the Moto g8 Power Lite can be Buy at a price of less than 200 eurosSo, without counting the Moto E, it is them two of the cheapest devices owned by Lenovo.

However, this does not mean that the two terminals are recommended equally. Playing the Moto g9for a Support for updates more widespread, a more powerful processor and a more advanced photographic field, it is a most recommended model as a Moto G8 series variant.

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