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Possible functions of the Redmi Note 10 Pro, which will be presented shortly


I don’t think anyone in the room will be surprised when we say that Redmi Note 10, just like him Redmi Note 10 Pro, have been in development for quite some time. Right now the latter has been shown again by a certification body in the expectation that the work on the smartphone is almost complete and could be presented shortly.

In fact, we’re already late with the forecasts, as the company originally expected to launch the new mid-range last year. Instead, the brand unveiled the Redmi Note 9 5G series and focused on the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 11 to show muscle with the first smartphone to go on sale with the Snapdragon 888 on board.

When will the Redmi Note 10 be presented?

The 4G variant of Redmi Note 10 It was recently found in the IMDA certification in Singapore and right now the Redmi Note 10 Pro has been approved on the same platform with the model number M2101K6G. This is the same model number that the FCC database leaked the phone on weeks ago, and the most logical thing is that the letter “G” denotes the term “Global”. This, and important, as it would mean that at the time of its presentation the mobile phone would be ready to reach all markets, not just the Chinese ones.

Mi Note 10 life

In terms of timing, the date remains a mystery. The first Redmi Note 9 introduced last year, the Redmi Note 9S, was launched at the end of April as this is the reference date from which we are going for the Launch of the Redmi Note 10. With all Xiaomi launches coming up this new year, we could imagine the new mid-range smartphones being launched before the end of the first quarter.

What will the Redmi Note 10 look like?

According to the IMDA database, the Redmi Note 10 Pro It will have dual band Wi-Fi connectivity and other options like Bluetooth and NFC. The key point is that the cell phone might arrive right with compatibility 5G networks, like the new Redmi Note 9T, without the need to release versions in the future.

Redmi Note 9T

With slight differences in the memory configuration and in the cameras, the two smartphones could be equipped with a RAM of 6 or 8 GB and a memory of 256 GB. Both would be running Android 11 and have an FHD + screen with a refresh rate of 90-120 Hz and a perforated design. The battery would again exceed 5,000 mAh, they would be quickly charged and a 48 and 64 MP multi-sensor camera.

The big puzzle today is the processor that powers each of the models.

Written by Miguel Martinez

A passionate writer by heart <3, writing creative & best from 2015! Owner & Founder @Yucky.info

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