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Reasons why Twitch can ban you in 2021

Twitch’s new policies and regulations ban hate speech, harassment, and sexual harassment. Be careful what you say!

Last updated on January 16, 2021 at 9:01 pm

Pull out is one of the plataformas streaming most popular at the moment. So much so that it has become a pretty effective alternative to YouTube, especially for gamers.

However, for some time now the platform has set a number of rules and regulations that have changed more than one user. They mainly started with Privacy policies that prevent copyrighted music or that which violates the intellectual property of those who make music and those who have or Control rights to music. All of these could be a reason for this Exclusion or complete deletion of the account.

The 3 reasons Twitch can ban you in 2021

The 3 reasons Twitch can ban you in 2021

Under this rule, a large number of users were warned and drastically ignored it You have been banned from the system. Now the platform makes the creators tremble again as they have updated their guidelines Try something Avoid incitement to hatred and harassment that some users may suffer whether you are a streamer or a simple viewer.

So if you fail to comply with the new regulations that come into effect on next January 22nd, 2021, your account Pull out could be in Danger of prohibition forever.

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This was to come, especially from the excessive abuse by some streamersespecially because of the derogatory way they are directed at the public and also because of the messages received or sent through chat. But that will end soon thanks to the imposed new rules. If you want to know what are the reasons for this Twitch can ban you from doing this in 2021Keep reading this article.

Twitch Lays a Heavy Hand in 2021: These are the Reasons Why You Can Be Banned

In attention to new Twitch policies and regulationsThe platform aims to make users take certain actions and maintain their words better. So it is enough to insult, insult, or laugh at someone for no reason to be expelled.

In this regard, according to a official statement from Twitchwill not be allowed “No behavior that is motivated by hatred, prejudice or intolerance, including behavior that promotes or encourages discrimination, denigration, harassment or violence against others based on the following characteristics of special protection: race, ethnicity, skin color, caste, country of origin, Immigration, religion, gender, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, serious medical problem or military history ”.

Twitch Makes a Heavy Hand in 2021 These are the reasons why you can get banned

Attention! If you don’t follow Twitch’s guidelines, they can delete your account

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With that in mind, keep that in mind Moderate your vocabulary and be careful with what you writeas according to the platform it is the full responsibility of the creators and in turn “You have to consider the consequences of your words and actions for your audience.”

Hate speech

As with any social network, the insults and vocabulary used after the new regulations come into effect will be monitored and used to send you an alert or in extreme cases Delete your account depending on the seriousness of the matter.

Among them, be sure to avoid any comment that is accompanied by Racial discrimination, xenophobia, religion, sexual preferences… Regardless of whether you do this with malicious intent or not. Other reasons could be:

Hate speech is punished with jerks

Avoid comments that violate regulations and incite hatred

  • Promotion, glorification, threat or promotion of violence, physical harm or death of people or groups of people on the basis of their special protective characteristics, including age
  • Use of discriminatory slurs, either generally or directed against a specific person. We allow certain words or terms that would otherwise violate our guidelines, as long as they are used as a sign of affection or pride and as long as the intent is clear. We also make exceptions for insults in music (and while singing), as long as the song itself does not create hatred and the insults are not accompanied by other degrading or discriminatory content.
  • Post, upload, or share hateful images or symbols, including symbols of established hate groups or imaginary Nazis.
  • Memes, speeches, pictures or emoticon combinations that dehumanize or maintain negative stereotypes.
  • Content that expresses that someone with a special protection characteristic is inferior, e.g. B. Sentences about physical, mental or moral defects.
  • Advocate submission, separation, or exclusion, including political, economic or social exclusion, or separation of individuals based on their special protective characteristics, including age. However, we do allow debates on specific topics such as immigration policy, the right to vote for non-nationals and participation in professional sports, as long as the content does not disparage anyone for its special protective features.
  • Content that promotes or supports the economic or political dominance of a race, ethnicity or religious group, including support for white supremacist or nationalist ideologies. This does not include support for self-determination movements.
  • Expression of contempt, hatred or aversion to the features of special protection.
  • Making fun of an event or its victims, or denying that well-documented hate crimes have been committed, or denying the existence of documented acts of genocide or mass murder against a protected group.
  • Content that makes unfounded arguments to blame a protected group or tries to scare that group for health and safety reasons.
  • Encourage or support the use of conversion therapies for sexual orientation.
  • Be a member of, support or promote a hate group, including spreading hate group propaganda. Create accounts devoted to hate, e.g. B. using offensive usernames.

Sexual harassment

If you want to prevent the platform from punishing you Avoid comments or attitudes that suggest sexual practices. While we know that such situations are forbidden on almost every social network and streaming, it doesn’t hurt to warn about them again. Therefore, regardless of the gender of the person, note the following restrictions:

Sexual harassment

Comments or attitudes that suggest sexual practices will also be punished on the platform

  • Making non-consensual sexual advances on another person.
  • Make unsolicited comments that objectify someone by relating to their sex organs or sexual practices.
  • Repeatedly comment on how attractive you are to someone who has already asked you to stop.
  • Make unsolicited comments about sex with another person.
  • Make derogatory comments about sexual morals or sexual practices that you think someone else is engaging in.
  • Making degrading comments about someone’s sexual health.
  • Attempting to use threats, bribes, or other inducements to coerce or encourage others to provide sexual content or favors.
  • Share unwanted or solicited links to nude or sexually stimulating pictures or videos. Share or threaten to share explicit or sexually suggestive content without the permission of the person depicted.


According to the platform, “Creators are role models and leaders of the communities they create or nurture, and they must consider the consequences of their words and actions for their audiences.”.

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Harassment jerks prohibited

As a content creator, you need to be a role model for Twitch and be responsible for what you do and say

That said, if you’re a streamer and have a large number of followers, you can be as an example to follow, because many people admire you or want to be like you.

The best you can do is Treat your community with respect and promote an environment of peace in which all are treated equally. If not, that Creators will face the consequences Of their actions. For this reason it is forbidden:

  • I wish others were hurt or killed.
  • Glorify, support, or affirm a person’s past or current traumatic experiences.
  • Implicit physical threats to others (note that explicit aggression threats are addressed in the Violence and Threat Policy).
  • Seriously or repeatedly directing personal attacks on others.
  • Sharing negative artistic or manipulated content to harass or degrade another person.
  • Inciting viewers to harass another person, whether or not that person is on Twitch. Contacting companies or individuals with the aim of harming them.
  • Deliberately and not consensually, hide and attack someone in a game on your show, e.g. B. by using that person’s broadcast to play them out in a multiplayer game and pausing their broadcast.
  • Pursue someone or ignore their personal physical limits.
  • Create accounts dedicated to hate or harassment, such as with offensive usernames.

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To avoid future mishaps, it is necessary to pay attention to these new guidelines that have been created around a Stop Bad Practices within the system, as from now on it will no longer be seen well by Twitch humorous word or comment intended to cause harmeven if it’s a joke.

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