Samsung confirms a very positive fourth quarter of 2020 and is growing strongly on the stock market

The South Korean giant flies more than 7% on the stock market after submitting its financial results for the last quarter of 2020 … And in a few hours, the Galaxy S21 is coming!

Last update on January 12th, 2021 at 11:01 pm

Everything at the beginning of the year It seemed to indicate that 2020 would be a tumultuous year for Samsung too, after the disappearance of Lee Kun-hee and after a major conspiracy that even affected the high level of South Korea, completely immersed in a controversial sequence, although ultimately nothing could be further from the truth, since the truth is that last year brought only positive news for Samsung at least in terms of results and finances.

And that was announced by the company at the end of the third quarter his folding bet workedand that revenue was up 50% amid the boom in the wireless industry, which fell sharply for the first time in 15 years.

In any case, the arrival of the iPhone 12 for the fourth quarter complicated the scenario even though we read it Bloomberg a few hours ago it seems so Samsung continued its growth in the fourth quarter 2020, investors announced its positive results and leading role rolled into one rally in a bag that led to it Increase your rating by more than 7%And all before you officially teach the Galaxy S21 in a few hours!

Samsung headquarters

Within a few hours of the launch of the new Galaxy S21, Samsung can celebrate resounding success numbers in 2020.

Samsung announces an operating profit of 8.2 billion euros in the fourth quarter of 2020, although expectations were even higher

Analysis of the Results published by the South Korean company itselfThe truth is that it wasn’t just the growth in sales of smartphones and the success of its folding devices, which are much more expensive than the market average, which contributed to the good economic results. also driven by his leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, Memory chips and other components.

So in terms of operating profit Samsung can boast of having grown 26% in a turbulent year, very important numbers in the pandemic scenario that we lived up to registered in total Profit of $ 8.24 billion with consolidated sales of more than $ 55,900 million.

They’re brutal characters, that’s what they did Samsung shares increase by more than 7% in the last few days, although we must certainly also emphasize that the experts of the most important consulting firms had higher expectations, up to $ 8.7 billion in operating profit.

Anyway, I’m sure a is rally The proximity of Unpacked 2021 has also contributed to the exchange in which we will get to know the Galaxy S21 in all its flavors and with all its new accessories, Devices that are expected to dominate the Android catalog in the coming months in the fight with Apple and its iPhone 12 for the hegemony of the mobile communications industry.

It appears that 2020 was without a doubt a very good year for Samsung’s interests and its shareholders, despite Apple’s entry into the 5G world and increasingly aggressive Chinese manufacturers trying to fill Huawei’s hole Surely they are making it very complicated in 2021 that the South Korean company wanted to start shooting before anyone else … Let’s see what they have prepared for us for Thursday and whether the Galaxy S21 keeps what they promised!

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