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Say goodbye to the house keys

Last updated on 02/07/2021 at 17:13

It’s not just products like phones that need to be intelligent. In the past few years we’ve seen more and more conventional devices get this “smart” label from lightbulbs, microwaves, and even aquariums.

Ultimately, technology is there to make our lives easier, so home automation is gradually penetrating all of our homes. Thanks to Alexa, Siri or the Google assistant, we already know how to turn the lights on and off in our house. Did you know we can have a smart lock too?

We were able to test the Nuki Smart Lock, a device that turns the lock of our home (or office) into smart and allows us to completely forget the keys as we only need our smartphone to access the inside of the home. Is the Nuki Smart Lock worth it? We tell you everything.

Nuki Smart Lock: The smartphone will be our only key

The Nuki Smart Lock is a device that is installed in our door. Allows opening and closing without using a key because it is connected to our device thanks to the bluetooth connection.

Installation is very easy as we only need a double clutch lock. First, place one of the two metal plates (one is attached with small hooks and the other with double-sided tape), insert the key and then the case. As soon as this is done, we have to install the Nuki app on our device Android The iOS and connect the lock to our smartphone. All in just five minutes.

The app, on the other hand, is pretty complete with a ton of options, and that is We can only do all of this with a smartphone::

  • Lock or unlock the lock
  • Open the door lock
  • Set the lock to a specific time (e.g. every day at a specific time of the night).

While The star functionality is the so-called Auto Unlock that we can only make use of it if we get another small device in addition to the Nuki Smart Lock, the bridge.

Thanks to the bridge, we can use the full potential of this intelligent lock, because if we connect the Nuki to the bridge via Bluetooth and the bridge to our router, We can open and close the door of our home no matter where we are. As already mentioned, the Nuki Smart Lock is connected via Bluetooth. However, thanks to this device, we can control it even when we are not nearby.

But let’s get back to the auto-unlock feature, which is the interesting thing. Thanks to this option, Nuki automatically unlocks the door when we approach the front door. The first thing you need to do is define a GPS zone that extends between 50 and 100 meters. Nuki uses the position of the smartphone to recognize when we are leaving the house. When we get closer to our house again, the app prepares to open the door. It will only open when we are within Bluetooth range (5-10 meters).

That said, I have it installed in the office now. Well, when I get to where I have my office and thanks to the GPS, Nuki knows that I’m near the door. However, The door only opens automatically when I get off the elevator and am within range of the Smart Lock’s Bluetoothwithout having to do anything with the smartphone and of course without a key.

Another interesting option is that we can invite users and grant them the authorization that Nuki will recognize and thus They also use the lock with their smartphones. Whether they are family members or, as in my case, employees. Best of all, these permits can be permanent or temporary.

But … what if I lose my phone?

Nuki Smart Lock Instalado

With the Nuki Smart Lock you can easily forget your house keys

But what if I lose the keys? In case we lose the phone Nuki still allows us to open and close the door with a key as if it were a conventional lock – therefore the lock has to be a double clutch. In addition, there is the option of being able to open the door with our Nuki account, so that we only need a computer, tablet or a neighbor’s mobile phone to access the Nuki website and enter our account from there to lock the lock manage.

In practice, the Nuki Smart Lock is much more useful than it might seem at first glance. Lets you forget your keys and have more control over the front door Since the app contains a record that tells us when the door opens and closes and who it was, it can send us notifications on our smartphone if we so wish.

Now the Nuki Smart Lock is not exactly cheap. The Smart Lock plus bridge combination costs 269 euros on Amazon And to that we need to add the dual clutch lock, in case it isn’t there, and the four batteries (they are included) which are necessary for its operation and which last about six months (the app will warn you in time if they are empty).

Of course, it is very comfortable and its possibilities are endless. So if you are one of the people who never find the keys, The Nuki Smart Lock will save your life. In my case and after testing it, it is very difficult to stop using.

And also for the intercom

And be careful that we haven’t finished yet, because the Nuki Smart Lock is not the only product from the company that we were able to test. Another star gadget from the company is the opener, a device that follows the same philosophy as the Smart Lock (let’s forget the keys) to automatically open the door to the street.

Installation is a little – quite – more complex than the other product This not only means that the intercom system has to be dismantled and certain cables repositioned – although the application guides us step by step – but that not all door openers are compatible.

His task? Every time we approach our portal and when we ring the doorbell on our floor, The door to the street opens automatically. We can also configure it to activate on a schedule or to open the door to the street directly to anyone who calls the doorman.

Nuki Smart Lock Combo

Nuki Smart Lock plus Bridge Combo is essential, opener available separately

I honestly see that this product makes less sense than the Smart Lock, especially when we installed it in a house. Now, in an office, shop, or place that is open to the public, it has a very great use as it will do We don’t have to get up every time a customer rings the street bell.

Also thanks to the bridge We can remotely open the door to the streetVery useful when a family member, a friend or even a delivery person comes and we are not at home.

The price on Amazon is 99 euros (pretty competitive) although we recommend confirming in before buying the company’s website that your intercom is compatible with the opener.

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