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The 7 best alternatives to YouTube for Android

Last updated on February 10th, 2021 at 9:02 pm

YouTube is the first platform we can find a video online, but there is life beyond whether you want it Post your own content to view that of other users.

In this article, we examine YouTube-like platforms to recommend the best ones that you can use right now. Some are more popular, some less, but all of these Alternatives to YouTube have an interesting catalog Which you can use to have fun, learn, get excited, and ultimately enjoy the best videos online.

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If you are looking for alternatives to YouTube, these are the best you can find.

Best alternatives to YouTube for Android

Online video consumption by users has increased significantly in recent years, and YouTube is partly to blame. It is easy to enter the platform to search for a specific video and Stay for hours and watch the contents.

The catalog and its many features make YouTube the preferred application for sharing and watching videos YouTube-like platforms that has great things to offer you too. These are the best alternatives:

  • Pull out
  • IGTV
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • 9GAG
  • Metacafe
  • TED

Pull out

Twitch Prime on mobile

Twitch is without a doubt one of the most popular apps of the moment.

The follow up to the gaming world has grown like foam over the past few years and good evidence of that is Twitch’s success. Often compared to YouTube gaming, Twitch focuses on video games, being able to broadcast live group or individual games, watch other players’ videos, chat with users, etc.

League of Legends, Call of Duty, Minecraft … On Twitch, a platform that does not lack quality content since the most important players are present, there is room for all the games. The video playback is it in high definition and in landscape formatso that you can better immerse yourself in the gaming experience.

All you have to do is click on the tag of your favorite game to find all the related publications. If YouTube no longer offers what you need, go to Twitch, Follow your favorite channels and use the chat communicate with video game fans anywhere in the world.


IGTV is showing up on your Instagram feed with vertical videos that you don't want to see

IGTV is becoming increasingly popular with Instagram users.

As soon as we knew the launch of IGTV, we already confirmed that Instagram is chasing YouTube with its own platform for content creators. The impulse coming from the Instagram app isn’t silly, so IGTV has already managed to become one good alternative to YouTube.

Watching videos on IGTV is aimed at those who use Instagram from phones as it is in Portrait and full screen format. There is content for every taste on this platform. You can use them as an alternative to YouTube when you want to discover new videos.

The creators are the Instagram TV channels themselves. So if you follow the user, you are following their channel on IGTV in the same way. To view the videos that a user has uploaded to this platform, enter their profile from Instagram and click the IGTV button in the center of the button bar. You can also Access this content directly via the IGTV app.


Dailymotion is the second video streaming platform worldwide

Dailymotion is the second video streaming platform worldwide

“The home of the best videos” is the slogan of a platform that focuses on exactly that Uploading, viewing and sharing audiovisual content. So far, around 300 million users make up the community created by Dailymotion, a player that collects around 3.5 billion video views every month.

From music videos to TV shows, Dailymotion offers very different content for all target groups, including space for the creators of semi-professional shorts. All of this has enabled it to establish itself as one of the most important video platforms in the world and to demonstrate that YouTube-like platforms offer high quality content.

Download the app, enter it, find the video you want to see or let the algorithms of the service guide you to discover new gems. If you want Upload your own content, you can do it with no problem and thus open a new gap for the 300 million users of Dailymotion.


2004 was the birth year of Vimeo, the great alternative to YouTube. This high definition video platform often benefits from failures in Google services and scores the best 90 minutes in its history after overthrowing its rival in late 2018.

Vimeo should not only distinguish itself through this, but also through its functions and the variety of content on its platform. We’re talking about that best alternative to YouTube without ads, which also offers its users excellent sound and picture quality.

When it comes to content creators, you can choose between other plans when uploading your videos. The basic plan is limited to 500MB per week. However, this number can be increased for a monthly fee of 6 euros (plus – 5 GB per week), 16 euros (pro – 20 GB per week) and 40 euros (). Business – no weekly limits) or 70 euros per month (Premium – unlimited live broadcast).


App 9GAG

In 9GAG you can find funny and short videos.

Not only is 9GAG one of the best apps for creating GIFs and memes with your face, it also has a fun catalog of short videos that are mostly viral. As long as you have free space, you can go to this app to enjoy the funniest videos and comment on them with other users.


Metacafe app

Metacafe is a free app for watching videos.

Movies, video games, music, television, and sports are the categories this video platform specializes in. Though less popular than other alternatives like Vimeo or Dailymotion, Metacafe can help you out when you need to find a specific video.

Not only can you view content, you can also upload it to Metacafe to create your own community of followers. There is no size limit In terms of video uploading, which makes it easier for you to post what you want. Note, however, that this platform focuses on short videos.



The TED app is where you can download the best lectures to watch offline.

TED is an application that collects all TED conversations, Technology, entertainment and design conferences held online by people of great relevance in each category. If you want to see these lectures, which are very learnable, you can Subtitles in over 100 languages.

You can also use the TED app Download the conferences that interest you most to see them when you don’t have an internet connection on your phone. You can also use your Android to bookmark or cast your favorite conversations over Chromecast and Android TV. In short, an alternative to YouTube with the most interesting content.

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