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The best and most secure password managers for Android

Last updated on January 31, 2021 at 9:01 pm

A password manager is a real lifesaver for you those users who tend to forget passwords that they have configured in their accounts. The truth is that memorizing every single code is complicated as it is common to have accounts on dozens of platforms: Google, Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, your bank …

To begin with, you may be scared of using one of these managers because you end up holding the keys to all of your personal information. However, in this article we recommend the best and most secure password manager for Androidthat you can trust to save your keys and avoid having to remember them all.

Password manager for Android

Forget to remember all of your passwords. These managers for Android do it for you.

The FBI’s tips to keep your passwords secure right away

Best apps to manage passwords on Android

There are many applications for Android that can store and manage all of your passwords, but not all are equally secure. Given the importance of the information these apps contain, it is worth choosing one that Your security and privacy come first to other factors.

After analyzing the Google Play Store, these are the best and most secure password managers that you can use.

Last round

One of the most popular password managers is LastPass, which we recommended a few years ago. It’s a platform that Save your usernames and passwords in an encrypted location So you don’t have to remember them every time you log in. In addition, you can sync your account on different devices to access the information whether you are using your phone, tablet or computer.

Other features that make LastPass a great option include two-factor verification Password generator So you can choose the most secure password and lock the app yourself with your fingerprint.

My passwords

With the free version of My Passwords, you can save your passwords safely thanks to the secure data encryption with AES-256 bit You use. To access this app, you must first enter the master password that you configured yourself. In this way you protect all stored data from prying eyes.

In addition, My Passwords has an integrated password generator. automatic exit when switching off the mobile screen and unlimited number of tickets. If you subscribe to the paid version, you can also attach pictures and use biometric authentication, among other things.


Since then we have named 1Password as the best password manager for Android on several occasions combines ease of use and security, everything we can ask of this type of platform. With 1Password you can save all users and passwords, create the most secure passwords and access them from all synced devices.

On the other hand, the application is protected by biometric authentication so that you can only access the information with your fingerprint. Another interesting feature of 1Password is that it enables you Share passwords with your family or co-workers in a safe way.

Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky, the famous cybersecurity company, also has a secure password manager for Android. Its name is Password Manager, and it can do much more than store your keys. For example you can save your addresses, Bank card details, private banknotes and pictures of confidential documents.

In the password manager we also find it other necessary functions in this type of serviceB. App lock, password generator, automatic key completion and synchronization between different devices.


Keeper, one of the most renowned password managers in general, not only for Android, has more than 10 million downloads in the Play Store. We’re talking about a free app that will keep your passwords safe No limit on the number. The password generator can help you find random and secure keys for your accounts.

In addition to being a password manager, Keeper allows you to keep sensitive files private. You can use the to block access to the app Fingerprint and facial recognition. In addition, Keeper also lets you share passwords with your family or friends if you need to.

Bitwarden – password manager

It is best to use different passwords so that your presence on digital services and platforms is secure. Since everyone is difficult to remember, you can count on the help of Bitwarden, a manager who Save your users and the keys associated with them.

In an encrypted vault, only you have access to the data Bitwarden stores. Because of this, you can just rest as the passwords are stored with total security.

What is Google Smart Lock and how does it work?


Dashlane lets you save an unlimited number of passwords and access them from any device thanks to the syncing of your account. Thanks to auto-complete, all you have to do is tap the screen to enter the saved password. In addition, two-factor verification can add an extra layer of security to your data.


The SafeInCloud Manager stores all of your passwords in one Database encrypted with AES-256 standard so that only you have access to it. In this application you will find the most important functions of a manager, such as autocomplete, synchronization between different devices, starting with fingerprint …

If you create a new password, you can use that SafeInCloud analysis to know its security level. If it’s low, the platform itself will provide you with a generator recommending the best option possible.

a wallet

If the previous options didn’t convince you, you can give aWallet a try. This is also characterized by the security with which all passwords stored in its service are protected. A special detail of this application is that you can group the passwords in different categories and even select some of them as favorites.

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