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The best apps to learn the lessons

Last update on 02/20/2021 at 8:01 am

Right now it is possible to find hundreds of educational uses that will make it easier for the little ones learn different topics easily, practical and above all fun.

Exactly one of the alternatives that we would like to present to you is that Apps to learn the lessonsso that the little ones get to know the weather in a fun and attractive way. Discover with us what they are.

The best apps to learn the lessons

The best apps to learn the lessons

The best apps for kids to learn the lessons

  • Learn the time
  • Children watch
  • Learn the lessonsIf you
  • Tell me the time, interactive lite
  • Children learn clock
  • Take care of children

Next, we’re going to review the most popular mobile apps so that kids can practice the time in a fun and easy way. In addition, the applications shown below are available for Android and iOS devices, so you will need to make a selection based on the device type.

Learn the time

Learn the time

This is a fun game for learn the time in which the little ones can enjoy storiesExplanations for Clock operation and animations Very fun to learn more about time with.

Among the different games that they can access is the option of build your own clocktalking clock, Move your hands to see the timeAmong other things, choose the right clock for the bus.

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The highlight is that it has excellent graphics, Live voices from actors and a library of over 1,000 audio files this guarantees the child hours of fun and learning. It’s completely free and available for Android.

Children watch

Children watch

Watch for kids is a perfect application for kids to learn to read and understand the watch

It’s a perfect application for kids to learn to read and learn Understand the clock, minutes, hours and seconds. It has 6 levels of difficulty in which the little one increases the difficulty when he becomes familiar with the clock and the time.

In the first six levels, children can Learn from simple hour and minute hand displays until you understand half past one (1.30 a.m.) or four forty-five minutes (4:45 a.m.) in a very dynamic and entertaining way.

What’s more The watch can show you the time and offer you various exercises so that you learn. It is an excellent tool to improve the little ones’ learning. If you want to try it out, it’s free with no ads on the Google Play Store.

Learn the lessons

Learn the lessons

This app helps kids study and practice for hours at their own pace

Learn the Hour is an application that was designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touchwhere the little ones can learn and practice at their own pace the hour, the quarter, the minute and familiarize yourself with the operation of the watch.

With this app you can Read the time on an analog clockLearn how to switch between analog and digital clocks and track your progress. The only downside to this application is that it is totally free, contains advertising, although according to the developer “are carefully positioned so that the user is less likely to click on them while playing“.

Tell me the time, interactive lite

Tell me the time Interactive Lite

Tell me time is an interactive game for children

This fun app is about one Game to learn time for children between 3 and 12 years old in which they can learn in a way Simple and dynamic interpretation of analog and digital clocks, read the lessons and complete different levels of knowledge.

It has 5 levels of difficulty to help kids improve their clock reading skills gradually, always in a friendly environment that enhances your learning experience.

Its design is optically very eye-catching and colorful more than 9 different fully interactive clocks and designed by hand with flexible hands for little fingers. This app is available completely free of charge from the App Store for iOS devices.

Children learn clock

Children learn clock

Children learn clock to learn the hours easily

Do you want to know how teach time easily? With the app Children’s learning watchyou can help your little one tell time without complications and in a fun way.

This application has a simple design but functional, in which the little ones have to Learn the clock by guessing the time, learn to set the clock, learn the clock by adjusting the time, Adjust hands and more.

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An alternative completely free and easy to use to show kids the time and learn to understand the clock. Download it from the Google Play Store.

Take care of children

Take care of children

An app to learn the hours and minutes of the clock with different activities

The last member of the list is Take care of children. This application has various activities to learn the clock hours that will help the little ones to determine the time and that it is completely free within Load game.

His Interface is very simple and has funny noises that makes the learning process an experience dynamic and interesting. Best of all, it doesn’t matter if the child still can’t read because they have one Read out the system all texts that facilitate the process of understanding.

We hope it is you 6 applications are the ideal tools for your little one, understand and master them Clock and time operation while I’m having fun. Do you know any other app of this style? Feel free to share it with others. If you enjoyed this article, don’t hesitate to check out the best websites and applications to learn to read.

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