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The best news of One UI 3 and Android 11 for Samsung phones in video

Last updated on 03/02/2021 at 15:25

A large proportion of the phones that make up the Samsung catalog have already received the corresponding share of Android 11. Samsung is taking advantage of the fact that more and more people are enjoying the news of the latest version of Android Video in which he reviews the most important changes to the latest version of his software based on the Google operating system.

One user interface 3 is the latest version of Samsung’s Android-based customization layer, and it not only includes all of the new features of the latest Android version, but these too Big changes implemented by Samsung itself. Next, we review the main ones thanks to the video that the South Korean company shared on their official YouTube channel.

One user interface 3

A user interface 3 is the software version from Samsung based on Android 11.

A completely redesigned lock screen

A lot of the improvements made in One UI 3 are in some ways related to that System user interface. Samsung claimed to have refined the interface by subtle but important changes this promises to improve the user experience when using the terminals.

One of those changes is in the System lock screen, which in the latest version uses a simpler user interface, with notifications that make this component of the system more convenient.

A lock screen for UI 2 and One UI 3

The One UI 2 lock screen versus One UI 3.

Besides, we have to add that Dynamic lock screen feature, this allows Change wallpaper automatically.

New look for the notification panel and quick settings

Next to the lock screen The notification panel has also been updated with a user interface 3. Now notification and information cards have one greater separation between themand the bottom of the panel has a lower opacity than in the previous installment.

The One UI notification panel

The One UI 2 notification panel next to the One UI 3.

A more modern volume control

Another component of the user interface that has changed is the Volume control. As you can see in the video, this is Panel uses the same transparencies present in the notification panel and quick settings, in addition to using a vertical format instead of a horizontal one.

A UI volume control

The volume controls One UI 2 and One UI 3.

Improved system apps

Samsung has focused on that too improve preinstalled apps on their devices with One UI 3. This is the case with the Gallery app, updated with a more immersive interface This makes better use of the free space on the screen, both on mobile phones like the Galaxy S21 and tablets like the Galaxy Tab S7.

The One UI Gallery App

The gallery app for One UI 2 and One UI 3.

The gallery app also wins Functions like intelligent suggestionsshowing the user the option of Enhance photos quickly with just a few settings that can be worn with a single touch of a button.

Speaking of quick tips, these too is displayed in the Messages app native One UI based on the context of our conversations.

Another preinstalled app from Samsung that has been improved with One UI 3 is Game accelerator, the tool with which you can improve the gaming experience. Now this utility is able to Reassign device resources to get improved performance even in the toughest games.

All of the new One UI 3 features are now available for some of the latest Samsung models. Those who own a terminal updated to Android 11you can already enjoy all the changes. The rest can see the list of Samsung phones getting the update and when.

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