the game available on all new consoles, PS5 Player can get VR Ready soon !!

Ubisoft’s Rainbow six siege will feature backwards compatibility with next-generation consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox series X. That is, owners of pre-existing consoles can pop theirs discs from the old units to the new consoles and play the game without any hiccups. Sony and Microsoft have developed a huge library of games, which has been made defunct. If the new consoles do not feature backward compatibility with the new consoles, it may lead to many angry consumers feeling left out of the newer release of the game and having a large game library.

What to do in cross-play?

The game is available in an all-new variant of consoles. People on Ps4 can play with Ps5 players online. But make no mistake that Xbox players can play with PlayStation players. There will be cross-generation play but no cross-platform matches. Also, console players will not be able to play Movie Movies with their PC friends.

The future

Xbox has made a big deal that all the new games released on the new consoles are available for the older gen. they have announced that there will be exclusive titles for the Series X, such as a rainbow siege.

Sony, on the other hand, has announced that the entire PlayStation 4 library will be used on the new Ps5.

Rainbow six siege

It’s been five years since the game was released. The game is still in its early season with Operation empty. The game has over fifty operators to choose from.

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