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They don’t know how to choose series on Netflix and that’s why they created a new feature

Last updated on January 20th, 2021 at 2:40 pm

The use of streaming platforms for series and films has increased significantly in recent years thanks to a diverse offering and the presence of this service on all types of devices such as televisions, mobile phones and tablets.

Netflix is ​​without a doubt the most widely used video streaming system in the world and is now going to include a truly incredible feature: a random mode.

Netflix includes a random mode

Netflix includes a random mode when we don’t know what to watch

Netflix offers a random mode for times when you don’t know what to watch or when you want to discover new series

Thanks to a report published in TechCrunch In Netflix’s final quarter of 2020 results, a new feature was discovered that was being worked on and that will soon reach the whole world: its own random mode.

Shuffle playThis is a new feature that will allow users to get help deciding what to watch based on the content they have seen up to that moment.

Netflix random mode

Here we can access Netflix’s random mode

The streaming platform had tried similar features before, but this time they made it their business to showcase something different as this new feature of their service offers that to their customers Ability to watch a series or film specially selected for you right away instead of wasting time browsing the app.

This new feature was tested back in August last year and is currently only being tested on TVs. Users who have already tried them get very good reviews.

Thanks to all of this, Netflix has confirmed that this new functionality will be fully implemented on all types of devices and devices worldwide in the first half of 2021.

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In terms of Netflix’s earnings report in the latter part of 2020, the data has been pretty good since reaching it 8.54 million new paying subscribers that adds up to a total 37 million new subscribers last year.

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