This is how the most special color for the Samsung Galaxy S21 is created

Samsung tells us the story of the “strongest, most fluid and modern” black you will see on a smartphone … This is how the new “Phantom Black” was born!

Last updated on January 14th, 2021 at 11:01 pm

In UNPACKED 2021 there were finally no surprises, and that is Samsung doesn’t care about storing information in the slightest for years almost all details of theirs have been filtering Flagship phones long before their official presentations.

This was the case with these Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra, which were also included in this course Be one step ahead of the entire industry with a clear continuity strategy, at least in terms of hardware, because Samsung has taken a step forward in design Harmonization of the whole with better integration of the cameras.

Not only that, and Samsung is finally making headway A more modern, attractive color palette that finally offers more optionsalthough against the forecast The South Korean giant wanted to stop at the finish “Phantom Black” and in his strange creation process … And you, don’t you want to know which color is the hardest to design for Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, negro

Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 Ultra, spectacular in its special “Phantom Black” color.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the same giant screen, now with S-Pen support

A strong, fluid and modern black, the purest black you have ever seen on a cell phone

We mentioned it before, and that’s it for Samsung It is “Phantom Black” not your usual matte black finish. Proof of this is the video that the South Korean company published about the untold story of the development of this tonality, in addition to the five minutes of notoriety they gave him in the UNPACKED conference itself.

Samsung says that black isn’t just one color, it’s all colors in one, and that This is the hardest shade for any designer, precisely because of the amount of nuances that can change the user’s perception.

They were looking for Samsung designers the purest black that absorbs the most light with no reflections at any of its angles, and in that search, Samsung states that they have reviewed the use of black in all industries including automobiles, fashion, or art, and after countless tests, conclude that The ideal was to develop into the easiestCreate this finish with just a thin film of paint applied directly onto carefully ground glass.

It is without a doubt for me The most classic, elegant and elegant finish for the Galaxy S21and although South Koreans say it is “Strong, fluid and modern”The truth is, now you are going to tell whether it is really still a black color or not … Right here we leave you the Samsung video!

From Galaxy S to Galaxy S21: This is how Samsung’s flagship phone developed

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