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This is the only brand that has grown in the land of the iPhone

OnePlus is the only company whose sales have increased in the US

Last updated on August 2nd, 2021 at 9:24 pm

Everyone knows the United States is Apple Territory. In this country, and unlike China, where an iPhone is bad, practically no one wants an Android terminal.

And if Americans’ rejection of Android adds to the 2020 wireless market crisis, we’ll find that Practically all telephony brands have seen their sales decline. We say practically because, despite all the adversities, a company managed to increase the numbers. Who will it be

OnePlus survives on Apple territory

OnePlus 8 Pro, screen

OnePlus was the only brand whose sales increased in the United States

Only one in ten American teenagers confirm that their next terminal will be an Android, which in fact confirms it. The US market is pretty complicated for various Android brands.

Less for OnePlus, because according to a recent study by Counterpoint research, The Chinese brand was the only company with positive growth achieved an impressive 163% in just one year.

OnePlus USA

OnePlus, the only brand that grew in the US

Apparently, a lot of users who used to buy premium phones have bought a OnePlus. The reason? The price of Apple and Samsung terminals has gone up, leaving many consumers with no other choice look for cheaper and more affordable alternatives.

That said, OnePlus has offered premium phones with top-notch specs at prices much cheaper than the competition, which has increased sales dramatically. You just have to remember the analysis of OnePlus and OnePlus 8 Pro to make it happen. We faced two of the best terminals of 2020.

The strangest thing is the bump from other companies like Google or Motorola. whose sales decreased by 66% and 57% respectivelyThis means that the big G policy with the pixels isn’t the most successful.

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