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Samsung’s new tracking devices want more than that, and functions can be programmed using the central button.

Last updated on January 14th, 2021 at 4:16 pm

When the gifts that would accompany the Samsung Galaxy S21 were unveiled, to the surprise of many, they appeared Samsung SmartTags, small tracking devices that promise to make life a little easier. Above all, it will interest everyone who You regularly lose everyday objects.

Why do we say that? Basically because Thanks to their intelligent tracking system, SmartTags help us to locate objects such as cell phones or keys. This has a slim, square shape with rounded corners. It is powered by a replaceable 3V battery and has A button that, when pressed, helps to find the devices we have programmed. To make this place easier, you have to Connection to devices via Bluetooth 5.1.

These are the “gifts” that Samsung will include with the Galaxy S21

Two versions of SmartTags

Samsung SmartTags

Samsung SmartTag and Color Negro.

The new Samsung devices are arriving in pairs as two versions have been released. One of her will have Bluetooth LE connection and the second will be with Bluetooth + Ultra Wide Band. At first only the version with Bluetooth is available, for the SmartTag with Ultra Wide Band we have to wait a little longer.

Thanks to the central button mentioned above, you can not only locate objects with your phone, but also automate additional tasks. And you may be wondering which one? For example, turn off all the lights in the house when we push out the door. Of course, whether this function comes true also depends on it have a system of smart bulbs or plugs with which you can program it.

The version of SmartTag with Bluetooth will be received by everyone who dares to reserve a model of the new Galaxy S21 series. The promotion period expires January 14-29 although it is not ruled out that it can be expanded later.

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