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With YouTube Music you can easily access the most important functions

Last updated on February 15, 2021 at 5:01 pm

Once the Google Play Music breakup is complete and a final date for the end of the service, which will be February 24th, is the truth Google continues to work briskly on improving YouTube Music to make it a benchmark in the Streaming Musical.

Indeed, the Mountain View giant starts with Spotify, Tidal or Deezer The benefits of having a platform that lets you not only listen to music, but also watch music, with a huge database that includes collaborations, live shows, rarities and loads of content only available on YouTube.


Google wants to improve YouTube Music and is finally making it easier to access its smart radios.

Anyway, all of us who try YouTube Music, and especially those of us who use it every day, know this Its great potential lies in AI, Google’s algorithms and the ability of its service too Streaming to the Always put on the music we want to hear almost without us knowing what we really want to hear.

And yes, YouTube Music learns from us how to offer us the best radios to our liking and our records, taking into account routines, locations, and schedules, but so far It was even difficult to find the smart radios within the YouTube Music app.

Broadcast your songs now because Google Play Music will say goodbye forever on 02/24/2021

Google agrees and eventually makes it easier to access smart radios on YouTube Music

As a companion of Android police, one of the most common requests of YouTube Music users was finally answered by Google who implemented one Quick access to smart radios from the playback view in the app.

Access to this functionality is now possible always available in next to no time Clicksplaying behind the album cover or just playing a song with a symbol that allows “Start radio” In a direct way based on the song being played and our customs and tastes for each moment.

YouTube makes it easy to access smart radios.

Not just in the menus, now smart radios are behind an icon on the cover of the song.

Until now, This function was only accessible via the drop-down menuwhere it will of course continue to be, but it was clear that Google needed to make the Star functionality easier to access Of your music service in Streaming.

In addition, we can too Start radios directly from our Playlist personalized, just long press on a song and then do it click in the option we’ll see in the pop-up menu.

Update as always in progress tiered and server-sideSo if you still don’t have it Close the YouTube Music app and open it again so that it connects to the server and is updated transparently … And right here we leave you the link to Google Play in case you haven’t tried it out!

YouTube Music is here, we tested it, and it improves Spotify and Play Music
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