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Xiaomi gives the Mi MIX Alpha a spin, and what comes out is impressive

Last updated on January 28th, 2021 at 9:19 PM

Though no one seemed amused by the Mi MIX Alpha, Innovation doesn’t stop with a Xiaomi that keeps taking tests and more tests different designs each crazier and more interestingBased on a roll-up concept, a camera pop up with mirrors that can be used in both the front and back, and even a clone of a Galaxy Fold with a folding screen.

Lots of evidence, but nothing new and tangible that we saw last flagship from the Chinese giant, the Xiaomi Mi 11, although it has a future full of cool things as expected This new concept uses flexible panels, and that gives a twist to the design of the maligned Mi MIX Alpha teach us something that seems feasible and that we actually find useful and many uses in everyday life … Would you like to check it out with us?

Xiaomi patents a hypothetical new Mi MIX Alpha

Xiaomi is exploring this front-to-back display concept and it sounds quite achievable!

First, confirm that it is a call a patent registered by Xiaomi and recently approved by the USPTO in the United States, as always expertly based on published sketches and details of the Concept creator of Let’sGoDigital allow us again a … see do more realistic than this legacy of the Mi MIX Alpha would bewith a sliding mechanism and a flexible plate that extends rearward through the lower frame.

That’s how amazing the Xiaomi Mi Alpha R, Xiaomi’s first expandable mobile phone, would be

It’s an interesting design that is suggestive in many ways Mix something with the Mi MIX 3 and the Mi MIX Alpha inherit the flexible display that extends backwards, although in this case not on the side, and also assembly a Mechanism that slides from the bottom up and hides the front camerasWe understand this thanks to an automatic mechanism with a small servo motor.

It seems achievable, albeit in a way I feel like it’s more effective than effectiveas it seems to me to be a bit of duplicating functions … what if not How useful is the screen on the back when it is not primarily about serving us Get the best from us Selfies?

Xiaomi’s sketches published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

It looks just like it is a very expensive device when it was builtbecause the simultaneous implementation of the flexible screen and the automatic sliding mechanism can not be cheap, even with advanced photographic systems front and rearwho would obviously be the protagonists of the terminal.

It’s interesting, as well as quite impressive I definitely see benefits for the back panel, for self photos, like the fragment that bends in the lower framewhich, for example, could house a notification curtain and a clock in mode always on the display in the purest style of the Galaxy Note Edge.

Hyper-realistic replicas, as always with the expertise of Let’sGoDigital

It sounds realistic, believable, and achievable, even with some use, but at this point it seems odd mixing the sliding mechanisms with the flexible screens. Can you no longer expect a presentation of the Mi Alpha R with a roll-up screen?

There are things to be resolved, such as the situation of the USB-C port if it were there, and that is The future aims to lose all ports and physical keyboardsTo be devices like these, who could await this future in an industry that is hungry for novelty.

In any case, the Xiaomi Mi Alpha R seems closer to me at this point with a roll-up panel It looks like it will be the next big market movebecause criticism accompanies them and their designs also appear more convenient and easy to integrate.

A terminal with Sliding mechanismat that point and after they arrive and leave at the same speedit seems very far indeed … Do not you think?

37 euros and 10,000 crystals: this is the highest quality case from Xiaomi

More information | USPTO

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