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Xiaomi launches this new line of exclusive figures of your pet

Last updated on 02/02/2021 at 9:01 pm

We already know that Xiaomi loves these thingsand it is also the case that the Chinese giant already has a wide range of toys, including many collectible figurines, which always appear in limited editions and which delight most fanatics and collectors in both China and international markets.

Indeed, last known numbers was unveiled along with the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra on the brand’s tenth anniversary, but we didn’t have to wait too long mi.com teach us now My rabbits, which arrive in four different models as symbols of the most popular campaigns in My Community.

My Bunnies, the new collection of Xiaomi figures

These are the Mi Bunnies, the new collection of Xiaomi figures.

We are obviously talking about four collectible figures with Mitu, Xiaomi’s mascot, as the absolute protagonistthat they explain to us in detail from the Haidian manufacturer’s own community, and that first will only be available to fans Participants in the campaigns.

You can now get a new collection of Funko-style characters from Mitu, Xiaomi’s mascot

These are the four models of ‘My Bunny’ that can be collected

Bunny Explorer

This number comes for represent participants in the Mi Explorers Project by Mi Community, through which the Chinese manufacturer offers the opportunity to explore the world with the latest Xiaomi products.

Everything you need to know about Mi Bunny !!

Rabbit photographer

This is the figure to be thrown at Commemoration of ShotByMi competitions organized every year worldwide by Mi Community in which Every My Fan can participate Upload photos or videos taken with a Xiaomi smartphone. The ShotByMi of 2021 is coming very soon and numbers like this will certainly be distributed!

Everything you need to know about Mi Bunny !!

Rabbit keyboard

This rabbit with a keyboard on his back represent K2K programs in My Community, something like Keyboard to keyboard These are none other than the events that users of the Chinese giant can attend Communicate directly with the guests of the Xiaomi team, Company executives and photo stars who participated in the 7 chapters of 2020.

Chapter 8 is currently being prepared Sign in to my communityCheck this out if you want to chat with the folks at Xiaomi.

Everything you need to know about Mi Bunny !!

Bunny Tech

This room Hare represents without a doubt the nod to the culture Geek de parte de Xiaomiwho recognizes that the most Tech freaks of the location are part of your brand’s DNA. They say from Xiaomi that they will never be missed Geeks among the Mi fans and they are not wrong so The Tech Lab program is launched to organize all of these unconditional events with advanced knowledge of science and technology to create professional and engaging content related to your products.

Everything you need to know about Mi Bunny !!

That’s what they say in my church You will be preparing more and more interesting events For all Xiaomi fans, so you have to stay tuned Get exclusive characters like this one Register and take part in the programs that interest you most.

At the moment we leave you with this video of the four newly presented characters … Here are the My Bunnies!

Xiaomi will sell a very limited edition of its pet figurines for the 10th anniversary
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