Yoigo is launching an alarm kit with camera, Alexa and telegram control for € 10

An integrated product for security at home, permanently connected and controllable with Alexa or Telegram … We present you the smart home service from Yoigo!

Last update on January 12th, 2021 at 5:01 pm

A few months ago, Xiaomi announced with great enthusiasm the great success of his family IoTWith the digital home and security are on everyone’s lips and with a very extensive catalog of devices, sensors and other devices with which you can control our connected home from anywhere and only with the smartphone.

Business was looking so good that many operators around the world went to work offer their customers their own security products for our houses, fully integrated and always connected, like the Vodafone V-Home platform, which has long been available to us at very attractive prices are calculated in small monthly installments on the invoice itself of the operator.

And now follow this strategy It is Yoigo who presents its smart home solution with a bundle that contains them all Gadgets necessary to transform our home into a digital one that Thanks to Alexa, we can control by voice and all without actually costing us an arm and a leg only 10 euros a month.

Yoigo Smart Home, Yoigo's home automation solution

This is Yoigo’s smart home security solution … it works by voice with Alexa!

This is the Yoigo smart home service, and it’s all that it includes

The companions of ADSLzoneLaunch of the new Yoigo Smart Home service, which includes: an alarm with surveillance camera, an intelligent loudspeaker with Alexa and the option of operation via telegramAll of this is integrated for the operator’s customers and can be billed in their current contracts for just 10 euros more per month.

You can rent it not only fiber optic clients, but also mobile onesWith this service we can easily transform any home into a digital home by plugging in your devices and following some simple configurations that make it possible Directly ask Alexa to set or disable alarms, put us music or look for information on the internet.

El pack Home Go from Yoigo is completely self-installing and includes all of these devices that we now tell you:

  • Smart speaker– It is a smart speaker that is compatible with Alexa and works in a similar way to Google Home, or rather Amazon Echo.
  • Security Camera.- A remote display device that allows you to control your home from anywhere, with night vision capabilities and HD picture quality.
  • Motion sensor.- This detector can control movements from its position up to 180 degrees and with a range of 7 meters.
  • Aperture sensor.- It is placed on every door, usually the door that has access to our house, and is responsible for controlling the openings and closings so that you can always check the status of the door yourself.

As you’d expect, it’s so easy to use The sensors control presence and movement at homeand together with the camera they can activate the alarm system so that we get one Announcement of our house directly by telegram, in addition to a video of what happened so that we can act accordingly.

As if this wasn’t enough Our Yoigo account is also integrated into the system So we can ask Alexa for data on fiber coverage, our latest bills, or even the amount of Gigas available at the contractually agreed mobile phone price.

Yoigo Smart Home: availability, modalities and prices

As we have already commented and can be seen in the operator’s promotional materials, Yoigo is offering this product as part of an advertising campaign for only 10 euros per month, a price that lasts forever if you stay for 12 months.

Without this initial discount, the duration or terms of which we do not know, The Yoigo Smart Home solution would cost 15 euros per month with the devices in action, which means that they are not ours, but that In case of cancellation or cancellation, we would have to send them back of contracts.

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